Anti-atheist Ann Coulter would reestablish a monarchy in USA

Ann Coulter says about Obama on Fox News that since he's a liberal I guess that makes him an atheist.  My response to this is that since Annie is a religious extremist, I guess that makes her a monarchist.  Annie would love to have her king god sitting on top of and ruling over our constitution.  And she would also love to have his courtiers - the priests, rabbis, imams, cardinals, bishops and popes - up there as well for us all to obey and asskiss. 

Well Annie, we got rid of one king in 1776 and do not need another whether real or imagined.  I guess you forgot what democracy is all about, huh?

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It would be nice if Obama was an Atheist. Right wing pundits like Coulter use religion to sell books and obtain speaker fees.  Coulter is a snake oil salesman and a Fox news favorite. I agree with your views Eric except that I dont believe democracy still exists in the US. 

She wrote a book "Godless" which is a great title. An atheist might just

accidentally buy it.

If thou love god then let go of all material belongings! Oh, and don't forget a small cash donation for the church... Heh heh...

no offense but she's a media prostitute
and a faith based one at that too
racists to the core

totally not good for kids to see




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