Mitt Romney's Dirty Dozen

We have already read from former posts by others and myself, that many peak events converge to make Earth and all its living forms threatened. Whether examining oceans, fresh water supplies, air and soils, unwise and wasteful procedures of human activity create unintended but real problems. Who supports these practices? Who pays to maintain control over them? How do they help or harm our lives? We need to pay attention to human decisions and their consequences. 

Thanks to Ruth Anthony-Gardner

Teaching the world about global warming

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Tonya, when you wrote, "I think I agree that communists are heads of both environmental and humanity-based groups." What evidence do you have to think communists head environmental and human based groups?
Is it because we speak up for the environment? Or that we caution about climate change? Or that we deplore the exploitation of workers? Can you be more specific? 


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