Anti Theist film. Is it a possiblity in America?

As many of you probably know there has been a resurgence of Christian themed movies being released theatrically. Heaven Is Real grossed 80 million dollars, God Is Not Dead has grossed 60 million dollars with more of course in the pipeline because of such success.  I am also unsettled by our government being hijacked by republican Christians who would be happier living in a theocracy. I am interested in making a anti theist themed film. Many people on this site are probably familiar with Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche. Do you think it would be possible to make this book into a film with a narrative? I believe this text qualifies as being in the public domain so obtaining rights would not be an issue. I am also aware of some services like Kickstarter and Patreon where one can donate to many causes. Do you see this as viable in anyway? My initial idea is to not play kid gloves or hide the message in "sub text" within the narrative. I am talking about a film that says what many people know and think about the absurdity of Christianity. I was also playing with the idea of creating the christian story under the guise of a science fiction film. I am at the moment just brain storming  and would just like to have some feedback. I may not be able to reply to every message so don't let that be a hindrance. Pontificate as much as you would like about the subject and I would appreciate it very much.

I would like to add that my motivation would not be  to create a straw man depiction of christianity BUT I would like to concentrate on the new testament story . I think to claim one is a christian you must adhere to the apostles creed , athanasian creed or Nicene creed at a minimum. The Passion story as you well know its preposterous and that is what I would want to mock. The idea of inherent sin, atonement and redemption.

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I was curious , Trumbo wrote a anti war book called "Johnny Got His Gun". Was that made into a film?

Unfortunately, yes. Mixed results, mostly bad. Some novels as you know read better as novels and are not particularly adaptable to film, though the reverse is seldom true as witness the many novels "from the films" that have hit the market, especially paper or trade paper. Trumbo was quite a guy. I have a photo of him with a walrus mustache writing from his favorite perch: sitting in a bathtub, smoking, often with a cigarette holder. (No, he was no Waldo Lyendecker!) I read some of his letters, including one to his son when the latter had written him, probably to the prison, saying he felt guilt over his masturbation. Dalton wrote back how normal it was, and how the only people who put it down are bigots full of guilt. I thought, what a dad to have! Mine was fond of warning his three sons of going down on a woman because, as everyone knows, "if you'd suck the hole, you'd suck the pole." Good country people.

I recently watched "A Million Ways To Die In The West" and was amused. MacFarlane wants it to be another "Blazing Saddles" but that's a hard act to follow. He has some good lines thrown in there like a christian prostitute wanting to "save herself for marriage," and once he mentioned Altzheimers. Someone asked him what that was and he replied "it was just another one of god's ways of showing us how he loves us." He is a timid sheep farmer in this film and was once hiding from the bad guys among all of his sheep, and just laying on the ground. Suddenly one of them pissed on him. Overall this film has a few funny moments and I thought it was fairly good. It's produced by, directed by, and stars Seth MacFarlane.

I actually disliked the use made of Bruno in the recent "Cosmos"since they painted him as a misunderstood Christian. He was not, he was a mystic.

Atheism doesn't have the "cool" factor of being part of the "in" crowd. A movie about it should appeal to the same people who love stuff like, say, Napoleon Dynamite, or Little Miss Sunshine- those types of movies.

But it can't be too smug and condescending, or too angry, which is the problem with so much of what I've seen so far. It can't be a straightforward documentary; needs a story.

And it's not very approachable at the moment. The Friendly Atheist is probably the best example of something that theists might actually check out. The Atheist Experience is awesome but they're not afraid to yell or swear, and gets a lot of lousy calls or prank calls- can't imagine my theist peeps having patience for that.

Let's say the impossible happens and a theist in my life is willing to learn about atheism. Where to steer them? The Godless Bitches?? AronRa and his imposing satanic visigoth look? He's incredible but they'd never get past the superficial. The plethora of p!issed-off, hormonally-overdosed guys screaming about religion on YouTube?? Pffffft yeah sure.

How about books? Letter to a Christian Nation would probably be the way to go, along with Atheism for Dummies. The rest would scare them. As much as I enjoyed A Manual for Creating Atheists, I was afraid somebody would see it and conclude that I'm on a mission to convert them, which I'm not.

Anyway. It's a worthwhile concept.



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