I'm working on my college applications, and I need to write an essay about an issue of importance to me. I figured I would write about the need to keep schools secular, but I need to do some research on the subject. If anyone could list the most common arguments for teaching religion in school, or direct me to a website that has information on these arguments, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't have a site, but I did hear a funny argument. The writer suggested that if we teach creationism with evolution, we should also include: astrology with astronomy, alchemy with chemistry, numerology with arithmetic.
It was a "Teach the Controversy" retort.
Yes, so I can argue against them.
Off the top of my head (and with a some commentary in brackets)

A stress on the imparting of morality, (the batters at the plate, he winds up - home run!)

A wish to preserve and maintain the local religious observance as a cultural issue (and this has to take place in school - why?)

Because the Bible/Torah/Koran is an important document and people (children) should be introduced to it's contents. (Which happens to be true, - from a secular standpoint the literary value and value to free thinking of genuine comparative religious study is immense - which is why you watch their face when you suggest teaching the koran or the principles of zoroastrianism with the same fervour and depth as the particular flavour of the thing they really meant... )

An argument for faith schools and community. This is St Ethelburger's (the name of my father's school, incidentally) - we are proud of our catholic heritage and of the boys and girls who grow up to be fine catholics under our tutelage. The Catholic Community of X deserves to be educated by those who understand it's needs.

If the Protestant's or the Muslims want to set up their own schools - they may.

( Ref: Northern Ireland http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2001/sep/04/northernireland.schools1)

Society is becoming too secular - we are the last bulwark against /immorality/scientism/ (which is different to my first point about the importance of moral instruction, the reason here is society is becomign increasingly non relgious, and this is a bad thing....)

That one is a back and forth between proponents and opponents of teaching ID.

Then there's this story out of Atheist News about a Texas school board generally wanting to infuse Christianity into history class.
Thank you all for your help, I was able to write what I think was a pretty good essay. All your posts helped tremendously.
Can we see it? :-)
Yes, do toss it up here as a blog or link to it or something when you're done!

If you're comfortable with that. ;-)
I'll post it up here if I get accepted. Cross your fingers!
sure enough, when I googled "arguments for teaching creationism in schools" I got tons of information that should help.

Good luck!
However... I caution you... back when I was taking my SAT class I was cautioned to stay away from likely bias of the reader. For example, they said "say child obesity" and not "obesity" when adressing the controversy because the grader could possibly be overweight. I'd say to try to keep the message as neutral in message as possible because you don't want to blatantly offend christians when statistically the reader most likely is one.




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