Antisocial Personality Disorder Is the Default Condition for Life on Earth

The first forms of life on earth — known to us as blue-green algae, cyanobacteria, or pondscum — had no ‘moral compass’; the big and strong arbitrarily and capriciously engulfed (ate) the small and weak.

Pre-human forms of life such as packs of ‘lower animals’ had their alpha males and/or alpha females. Success in combat or food gathering probably determined who became the alpha animals, who allowed or rewarded certain behaviors of ‘beta’ animals and disallowed or punished other behaviors.

The first written codes of behavior were harsh by more recent codes, which attributed certain behaviors to possession by demons or devils. Taking a large cultural ‘jump’, we until recently attributed such behaviors to psychopathy or sociopathy.

I avoid drawing the attention of local law enforcers so, relative to behavioral codes, I doubt that it behooves any of us to berate others of us.

What say you?

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Yeah, it's scary isn't it, to realize that people with antisocial personality disorder and other Wall Street types are governing America.

it is! 

I agree 100% and can see this fully. If a person understands this they will know how to act around law enforcement and survive nicely. Some have an attitude because they have done nothing wrong. It never hurts you to be polite to "the man." It might kill you if you are not.

Seems like this is how society works but many just do not get it.

Some law enforcement officers have a desire for power and law enforcement is a job that suits many of their attitudes. I worked as a teacher through the Community Colleges of Spokane in a prison and volunteered in the city jail. A female police officer was groped by another male officer.

The Chief of Spokane police said, "Lay back and enjoy it!"

I worked with The Women's Commission to give her moral support, raised money, and sued the Prison. We lost.

So, we formed a coalition of many Civic Groups and we worked to get the chief fired. 

Joan, three cheers for your Women’s Commission coalition of civic groups (working to get the Spokane police chief fired). It foreshadowed today’s #metoo movement. I hope you succeeded.

If the “Hollywood Tape” showing Candidate Trump’s bragging about grabbing pussy was the tipping point, he will live in history for having done something helpful to society.

As a Peace officer for 15 years I was always very put off when I heard someone say " I aways wanted to be a cop". This was usually a good sign we were going to have problems with power and control issues.  Now of course there are those that always wanted to do good so they wanted to be cops, but usually it was a unsettling  statement.

Security guard is as close as I got to it, but I loved the work and I suppose it was because I pride myself in being able to find things out. I did security for a campground area then, but just recently on FB I found a man who wanted info on an old school house from years ago in a certain area that I'm familiar with. A day later I had him 2 contacts that would be able to supply that info for him.

How many would agree that police get extensive training on subduing an agitated person with minimal harm to that person and the police officer? Why then do some police officers (too many) use deadly force when they should have used their training to subdue the suspect? It seems to me that some officers misuse deadly force. It is NOT reason enough from the suspect's attitude toward the officer unless the suspect verbally threatens the officer which would rightly put the officer on the defensive. I have never back-talked to an officer, so I don't have first hand knowledge of what an officer is trained to do to handle certain situations, but I do have reasonable expectations of officers protecting suspects.

I think the behaviour of US police officers is appalling. I've never seen anything like it in this country. Here threatening situations are almost always defused within minutes. 

Plinius, I think it’s the US’s culture of violence, perhaps a consequence of religiosity.

I don't know how you can live with that. It must be possible, for there are no queues of USA-people at immigration here. 

In America the police have to defuse a situation with the discharging of a weapon. If I am wrong about that why do so many of the innocent end up dead? We have almost gotten so bad that the old meme of an officer shooting the little girl's cat out of a tree to retrieve him for her seems true.


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