Antisocial Personality Disorder Is the Default Condition for Life on Earth

The first forms of life on earth — known to us as blue-green algae, cyanobacteria, or pondscum — had no ‘moral compass’; the big and strong arbitrarily and capriciously engulfed (ate) the small and weak.

Pre-human forms of life such as packs of ‘lower animals’ had their alpha males and/or alpha females. Success in combat or food gathering probably determined who became the alpha animals, who allowed or rewarded certain behaviors of ‘beta’ animals and disallowed or punished other behaviors.

The first written codes of behavior were harsh by more recent codes, which attributed certain behaviors to possession by demons or devils. Taking a large cultural ‘jump’, we until recently attributed such behaviors to psychopathy or sociopathy.

I avoid drawing the attention of local law enforcers so, relative to behavioral codes, I doubt that it behooves any of us to berate others of us.

What say you?

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You just can't defuse a situation with the discharging of weapons. Defusing works only without violence.


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