Does anyone else agree that Antitheist is a better name for what we are then Atheist.  I know it describes me much better

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I'm not against gods; I just simply don't believe in them. So, I call myself an atheist.

I used to use this one a lot. However, then I realized I am not anti theists. I am anti theism. I know it's splitting hairs, but a correction I made to my own views.

No, I am not against theists.

Personally, I tend to like "atheist" better. I think I am a fairly nice guy, and the word tends to shock people when they hear it. I like that, because it creates an immediate contradiction. So many people are turned off by the word "atheist," but then they find that this friendly "nice guy" not only identifies with the term, but is very accepting of the label. It starts raising questions in their mind . . . which is how I became an atheist in the first place. So, I don't think "antitheist" is improper, I just think "atheist" fits me better. All a matter of personal preference.


Be well-

I am actually antitheist, but I'm kind of embarassed about it.  I shouldn't be against everybody, but I am.  I think it's because so many of them are against me, they're anti-atheist.
I think you have nailed it.  The problem with Antitheist is that most believers in the man in the sky are so stupid they have no idea what the word means.  Really, I am not kidding.   Netflix has a wonderful film called "THE ATHEISM TAPES'.  It is probably available on other sites but I found it to be very informative.  It is interviews with believers and nonbelievers.  When I think of all the evil that people have done in the name of their god,  I have to be against them.

Being anti-theist, would basically mean anti-god no? Whereas atheist is without a god.

Being anti-god kind of sounds like believing in a god, but wishing there weren't any.


Maybe the best name would be Realist, and it just so happens that in reality there is no god, and theists can be damn annoying, bringing more hatred then love, and more ignorance then illumination...

being a Realist, you simply embrace all those facts :).


Atheist is more of a word to be used by theists, marking us in relation to them.

You should Google the word to fine what it means.
I'm not against theists.  Most of them, adults, are delusional.  They were brainwashed as kids, developed a life around the system, and are still at it.  I'm against theism, however.  I think all religion is wrong.
It all depends on the surroundings.  Wen I visit my Female friend, I am a gentle atheist.  She is a deist of Buddist origin.  When the fundies are "knocking at the door", (I mean that figuratively except in the case of mormons), I can easily become a militant Antitheist.  I'm fed up with dark age fairy tales.
As I said before look up the meaning on Google.  It doesn't mean I want to kill believers  but I am very much opposed to them

Wait a minute...  It looks like people are using a lot of different definitions of antitheist.  It doesn't mean you're opposed to theists, it means you're opposed to theism.  That's pretty different.  I love my theist brother, but I think theism is harmful to society. 


From wikipedia... 


An antitheist is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "One opposed to belief in the existence of a god." The earliest citation given for this meaning is from 1833. An antitheist may be opposed to belief in the existence of any god or gods, and not merely one in particular.




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