Hello gang!

I'm a musician and music teacher living in South Hadley, MA with my wife and two sons.  I've been a member of www.reddit.com/r/atheism for 2 years, which is what brought me to Atheist Nexus (after following a link that was posted there).  I joined the nexus last year, but haven't really had time to spend here and I hope to change that.

I'm what you call an anti-theist.  I believe that all theism is worthless and should not be taught to children.  I live in a suburb of Springfield, with back to back houses on side by side streets - making it easy for door-to-door salesmen, and bible thumpers of all sorts to knock on my door.  I'm polite until they start proselytizing, then I pull out all stops.  I love to argue with theists.  Most of them are ignorant about their book and their prophet.  I have read the OT, NT, KJV and QR.  Have not read the Torah, but it seems redundant at this point.  And Jews mostly keep to themselves, don't try to change me.

When someone says "I'll pray for you", I say "I'll think for you!"

Why am I so "angry"?  I'm not angry, but I feel anger towards people who use religion to screw with people's minds and control them, I am especially angry towards adults who do this to children.

Anyway, I'm happy to have found a site dedicated to atheist viewpoints and hope to meet you all at some point!

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Welcome! I'm sure you will find lots of others here who enjoy arguing with theists on other sites.
Hi, I'm a musician (well almost, I play drums) and have done some teaching in my time. I'm new here too. I have lost count of the people who have prayed for me. I feel so sorry for the children of religious freaks and the way our UK government condones their ongoing indoctrination in faith schools.
When someone says "I'll pray for you", I say "I'll think for you!"

Good one! Although I don't care who prays for me, as long as they don't ask me to pray for them.
I feel you man, when i have kids I'm afraid to put them into public institutions through fear that some bible thumper of a teacher will manipulate their minds.
Hey, a big shout out to another Massachusetts non-theist! I live in Whitman (On the South Shore).
Welcome to Atheist Nexus!
One is anti-theists who just dislike religion, the latter, and the former is one for people who actively participate in getting rid of religion.




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