Does anyone else agree that Antitheist is a better name for what we are then Atheist.  I know it describes me much better

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The word atheism comes from the centuries old French word athéisme which derives from the Greek 'atheos' which means without gods. It means disbelief in the existence of god or gods.

The word antitheism seems to have been used in more recent times. The prefix 'a' does not mean the same thing as the prefix 'anti' which means being opposed to something.

Therefore I agree with the majority that the word Antitheism is inappropriate in most circumstances.

Perhaps militant atheists could use the word.



Well I am a militant atheists.  People use their religion against us all the time.  I fight back.
I don't think anti-theist is inappropriate in most circumstances.  I believe theism is a major problem in the world and that we would all be better off without it.  I'm an anti-theist, and see more and more atheists labeling themselves the same.  I don't think I'm a militant atheist.

I remember a recent discussion here on Militant Atheism. How do you distinguish it from anti-theism ? I probably come within the definition of both but I have never described myself this way. I don't use the words. Despite its definition the word 'militant' would make people think of guns and bombs while anti-theism sounds negative and too much like 'anti-christ'. The meaning of the words is not clear or generally understood like the word atheism. Communication is the name of the game. I would like to refer to my 'athéisme napoléoniennes' or call myself a Mushinronsha 無神論者 but no-one would understand me.

I stand by my original statement.  The bible and koran are evil and their followers are not harmless misguided simple people.  They are a danger to me and to world peace.
I think religion is crazy and pointless, but I wouldn't have a problem with it if religions didn't encourage behavior that is silly, useless, and sometimes even dangerous. Unfortunately, that is not the case, nor will it ever be, so I have to say that I am against religion on the principle that it doesn't do humanity any good. But I also realize that it doesn't matter what I think. Most people are stupid and will believe any old thing they are told, and there is nothing we can do to stop that.


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