Antoinette Hannity Gives Diet Advice to Food Stamp Recipients

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@ Pat, I see four boobs in that photo and the biggest one is the dark haired one in the foreground

As a tea room queen and very close friend of Senator Craig, I resemble your impication that Hannity has a very wide stance.

Just to sit by accident when channel surfing and listen to 20 words or less from that smug Irish Catholic prick brings nausea to my gut and pain in my head.  I avoid his show like one would flesh-eating bacteria.  If anyone ever doubted the truth of the old homily about beauty being skin deep a glance at Hannity reminds them of it.  He is deeply, deeply ill on the inside.  Were I a Christian I would pray for him.

To an extent, then, this applies to all the hosts on Fox Noise.  An awful lot of them modeled their careers on Rush Limbaugh, whose eagerly awaited TV debut was such a bust it set him back four days.  (I own up to watching out of curiosity and I can tell you, nothing is as boring as a fat, ugly egomaniac with medieval ideas.  At least on radio we do not have to look at him.)  I must hand it to Ailes: using the philosophy of the late Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, Ailes has alienated more progessives than Elvis dropped pills, and the method is always the same.  Instead of Triumph of the Will, we get Fox "News," a misnomer since all of the news is wrapt up in ultra-rightwingnut talking points.  When they do pretend to be truly fair and balanced, it's always with strings attached, and if you bet on them you are playing to the house.




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