Ants Destoys Atheism النملة المعجزة تثبت ان الله مصدر القرآن

It's over, folks. Richard Dawkins is writing a humble retraction as we speak.

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Yes, because ants communicating with each other about their own needs had much to say in the Qu'ran about King Solomon's mighty hosts.

This isn't even bad apologetics for Islam (particularly tacked on the end of an ABC science video.) The following quote applies to the YouTube poster with his alleged "checkmate" of Dawkins:

"This isn't right. This isn't even wrong."

Wolfgang Pauli's response after reading a colleague's paper, quoted in The Successful Toastmaster: A Treasure Chest of Introductions, Epigrams, Humor, and Quotations (1966) by Herbert Victor Prochnow

This video makes me think of Hellen Hunt when she was listening to Jeff Goldblume talk about chaos theory.


ANYBODY can make an assertion, with or without basis.  Backing up said assertion is, of course, another matter.  Seems to me the qur'an says something about a flying horse, too.  Anybody found one of those yet?

Let us suppose, (just for the sake of discussion),that the Qur'an does indeed tell us that ants can "talk" to each other. I fail to see how that Destroys Atheism.


On the other hand, does this passages in the Qur'an refer to actual ants, or people who are ant-like, in their diminutive status as compared to the supposed "Allah". We certainly call people bugs, asses, gorillas, apes, bulls, birds, puppies, bitches, dogs and so on.




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