A jet stream splits the US,

A jet stream splits the US, brings winter to one half (40 inches of snow in Montana) and record-breaking heat (98°F in Washington, DC) to the other.

Trump talks about fortifying the border wall with a trench filled with water, snakes, and alligators.

Dolphins swim, romance, make babies in the Potomac.

Banks shield themselves from climate risk by shifting mortgages in flood zones over to the federal government.

Geologists find a continent buried under southern Europe.

A tree discovered in New Zealand, so old that its rings contain a record of a reversal of Earth's magnetic field.

Groundwater pumps around the world cause rivers and streams to drop dramatically.

Is it any wonder that the average person feels anxiety, fear, anger, and helplessness. Not only is the climate changing, but the governments around the world face crowds of resisters, wanting justice and freedom. Chaos shakes stability worldwide.

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The only constant is change, Joan.  You know that as well as I do.  What I have to ask ... well are several things:

  • Is that change positive?  You know the one: All progress is change, but not all change is progress.
  • Is that change beneficial?
  • Is that change controllable?
  • If so, HOW do we control it?
  • If we CAN'T control it, how can we ride it out?

Yeah, I'm a curious sumbitch, ain't I? [grin!] Neither of us can just sit idly by while the world twists and turns under us.  Both of us are dancing in that hurricane, working with what we got, trying to apply negative entropy to a system which doesn't give a rotten damn about either of us.  Sure there are some changes that scare me, especially those which are initialized by our 45th ... "president."  Those of nature like the dolphins and the tree I simply enjoy for their own value.

That hurricane is going to blow all our lives, Joan.  All I want to know is, are you gonna sit in your chair or come over here and kick yer heels with me?  And I think we both know the answer to that one!

Well said, Loren.

As you know from my posts Joan, I'm often inundated with current changes and express anxiety and fear. I'm not quite ready for helplessness, though.

From a complex systems perspective, we're in a time of extreme criticality, tipping toward Hothouse Earth conditions possibly within a decade, given all of the new fossil fuel infrastructure investment and emissions increases. But certainly within two on our course. But criticality also means extreme sensitivity to initial conditions, so whatever we do to stop climate destabilization and fascism can have an outsized impact. Every voice will matter for the future.

An excellent pile of questions, Loren! Sitting on the sidelines doesn't fit either of our personalities, and although I have some physical and mental limitations, I can read, write, and inform. Once a teacher always a teacher.
Dolphins swimming in the Potomac happens because of warmer water, in all probability human-caused; humans could not have caused an ancient tree with rings revealing a reversal of Earth's magnetic field.
The sciences of climatology, geology, biology, hydrology, and the many natural, economic, and social sciences used in the practice and understanding of agriculture will be our guides through the coming changes.
If we focus on competition and growth, we will participate in the killing of life as we know it on earth.
Those who concentrate on cooperation with people around the planet to ensure that water and nutrition exist worldwide presents a new challenge.

1. Q. Is that change positive?
A. Yes & No. Yes, reversing the population is a positive thing. To do that, we need to change from valuing growth to valuing cooperation.
No, Incentives do not exist to encourage cooperation.
2. Q. Is that change beneficial?
A. See A. to Q1.
3. Q. Is that change controllable?
A. It depends, If national leadership supports growth, then it will be virtually impossible to institute programs of problem-solving, conflict resolution, and team building.
If we focus on learning Interpersonal Skills:
Communication skills, Conflict Management, Empathy, Leadership, Listening, Negotiation, Positive Attitude, and Teamwork, we have a better chance of meeting future, unknown challenges.
4. Q. If so, HOW do we control it?
A. Public education of effective communication, done at every level of life, can bring about positive, beneficial change.
5. Q. If we CAN'T control it, how can we ride it out?
A. We can't, unless there are enough of us educated about what is happening, why, and forming coalitions of support. As the British did during the bombing by the Nazis, find relative safety of fortified buildings or relocating to places free of the attacks. Make food production a high priority.
Make empathy a high priority, encourage leadership, listen actively and for feelings,

If it is true that the earth's present population of 7,700,000,000+ will reduce to 700,000,000 because of climate change, then flexibility, adaptability, and innovation will work on an individual's behalf.

Joan, using your numbers, have you seen any estimates of how many years a 91% population reduction will take?

By the way, it’s gotta be hell to have a brain that refuses to shut down.




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