any atheist doctors out there know what this lesion looks like?

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I'm not a doctor but I think its causing me to see double.\


dah heck? spider or tick reaction!? hrmmm... que interesante. biopsy time? 
MAYO book.. 

oh no it's shaped like a jesus fish!?!? 

Yeah, I know.  I was thinking of opening up a fundie site and charging admission.

I'm not a doctor but I'd say spider bite.

The ghost of Kenny from Southpark. Bit irregular for a tick bite, more like a spider bite, Hope it doesn't become necrotic, the hemorrhaging/bruising is unusual, though they now consider necrosis from spider bites as being caused by underlying, undiagnosed pre-conditions. I'm not a doctor, though I've seen lots of bites. We have lots of spider bites in this region. Though recently a friend has been diagnosed with Lyme disease from a tick bite. It was a double circular pattern, they are usually circular or oval, but not broken in shape like that one.

On second thoughts, considering the bruising surrounding the region.

I had a similar one on my side when I was struck by a squash ball, with similar bruising and damaged central broken skin, though it was rounded also, not broken.  Maybe you were struck by Super Kenny


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