Hi, I am new here, don't know much things to do. So anyone's in Cairo here so perhaps we can meet, I already meet up with an atheist group, if u want to join, just tell me.

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Bonjour Karim, Bienvenue sur Atheist Nexus.
Écoutez Punk Rock Anarchiste Français et rejoindre Les Athées Napoléonienne aujourd'hui.
Vous vous y amuserez et passer un bon moment.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Mais comment tu as su que je suis francophone?

Bienvenue à Les Athées Napoléonienne. Je ne savais pas que vous êtes un francophone. Il n'est pas mentionné sur votre profil et je n'ai pas de pouvoirs surnaturels. Mon ami Kalliope Vorter de l'Egypte était aussi un francophone.
Vous êtes libre à parler français sur Atheist Nexus.

Try this search:  members from Egypt.

There are also groups for Ex-Muslims, and Arab Atheists.  I don't know how active they are.

Regardless of those groups, welcome.

Thank you, It looks like I already know some people here

Just be careful, how you express yourself.  I know it's not easy there, and people in some Muslim countries have been persecuted.  Here on Nexus at least, you can see you are not alone, and be relatively free to say what you think.

Karim nice seeing you here dude.. i am an atheist from cairo egypt


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