I know that this is a long time from now but Christmas 2010 will be my first Christmas as an atheist so with that said...are there any of you that still celebrate Christmas for the generosity aspect of exchanging gifts with friends and family? Or any other religious holiday for that matter, not just Christmas. If so, what do you do? If not, why?

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Christmas is an ancient holiday which celebrates the winter solstice and has been subverted by many religions. There is no reason not to celebrate along with everyone else, in my opinion. Just use the opportunity to promote your own beliefs, just like everyone else does. While you're at it, make fun of their druid bush and their viking god dressed in Coca-cola red :)
I never looked at Christmas from a religious aspect even in my days as a theist, and I'm not one to impose on others, but I offer my honest views when asked. And I have never liked the idea of that last part anyway and have always found that to be rather ridiculous
I've been Atheist for 3 years and I'm only 13.My mother thinks I'm christian.It would be "hell" if she knew.Even in a religious family I still make Christmas secular.I make it about gifts,food,family and fun and it works for me.
Yeah that's what I was thinking, glad to hear that someone else has similar views :)
I celebrate christimas along with other people from the temple I go to every Sunday. They practice a religion that claims to be compatible with every other religion, something like unitarianism or buddhism. It's called cao-dai, for anyone curious.
We gather all of our presents under a christmas tree and then randomly pick from the pile. Other than that, we just have a feast.
Same for me. I love celebrating Christmas, I think it's a great Holiday and will never stop celebrating it, I love the gifts, the food, the friends and family. My favorite time of the year and it makes me feel like a kid again!

Now I want kids to celebrate with them... lol =)
This has been discussed quite a bit on the site already. You could find previous discussions by searching. There are also two groups to discuss holidays and rites of passage.
Nice to know, didn't see that earlier. Thanks!
You're welcome!
I do Christmas for my family, since they're all still Christians. I love giving gifts, so I put lots of thought into it, often ordering off the internet months in advance. It's still a family time, too, which is great. And most of Christmas has been so commercialized that it doesn't really have anything to do with any faith. What I do hate about the holidays (besides the gawdawful music) is the crowds at stores. I'm frightened of going into Walmart when chaos reigns supreme.
I like flashing lights and sparkly things on trees. So does my cat. In fact my Christmas tree is still up.

Seriously, I have no issues. I still go thorough some rituals because it's pleasant. I like jack o' lanterns on Halloween and a fake pine tree in December. I like seeing my Mom decorate - a pleasant memory from youth, even though it is archaic in my mind.

But my emotions sometimes prevail. A bit of irrationality is not the worst thing...
I celebrate, but I thinly of it in what was most likely its origin. Winter solstice would bring people together without any religious meaning anyways. The crops are done, the animals are in torpor, so families and communities have to come together to share what has been gathered over the year to survive,and whle together celebrate the success of another year. Most of the traditions seem to fit this belief as well so there is a good chance that that was all it was about.


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