For me it's Joan Osbourne's "what if god was one of us"

These can also be anti religeous songs...just needs to be a theistic theme....

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I still like a lot of religious folk songs e.g. the first few songs here:

But just to bring us back to reality, here is Let The Mystery Be by Iris DeMent...


lol I learned it in preschool ;)

Cool song. 

And for another dose of reality, here is Mark Erelli from the Darwin Song Project ...

Really like that thanks

That song made me giggle, when I was pagan. Same with "May the Circle Be Unbroken."

Yeah, but only the last verse because I think the man Jesus was a character conflated out of some others at the counsel of Nicaea.

I do as well.

There are some very religious inspired classical works that truly inspire. 
I think the source of their devotion is misplaced, but the human spirit of creativity is to be revered in my opinion.  

Agreed, "Ave Maria" comes to my mind.

The dancing is a hoot!  

I was tiny child when this came out but I remember it lingering around on the radio for many years.

Bryan Duncan's "Mercy" cd is it for me.  Saw him in concert twice, great performer imo.




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