For me it's Joan Osbourne's "what if god was one of us"

These can also be anti religeous songs...just needs to be a theistic theme....

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Iris DeMent's version of "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" as sung in the movie "True Grit".  A real tearjerker for me.  Old-time hymns really get to me for some reason.  I think it's the simplicity, the feeling and sincerity with which people used to sing them, rather than the actual content of the songs.

Oh yeah, especially in the back drop of a powerful movie, I suppose that's what I'm getting at, how music can transcend rationality at times. I hear you...


I like gospel music.  I like Mariah's "Jesus What a Wonderful Child" ... and I also listen to Hare Krishna songs by the Beatles and by traditional Vaishnavas also ... and Buddhist chants.

I did allow myself to purchase from iTunes a rendition of
A Mormon hymn "Come, come ye saints". 
-by reason of the artist, the Sabre Rattlers.
I later thought maybe this shows that I am enough past
 The angry stage of disillusionment of questioning 
A faith tradition one was raised in, by being able to appreciate some little thing,
Not rejecting ANYthinG merely for being AnywaY related.
I now think of the lyrics as speaking of, or to, any person starting or
Contemplating a arduous journey ( of leaving a faith, perhaps?) 
It's a nice song. (--In THIS version only, I say.)

nice, I like this one. You have good taste :)

The only song by RASMUS that I like. This next one Ive sung since I was a child. I will never match his amazing voice though.

When a Man Comes around by Johnny Cash.  Fortunately it reminds me of zombies due the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Though the language is straight from revelations. 

HA indeed! me too...

I grew up in a singing family. My Mom sang lots of christian songs, as well as classical music, both christian and secular. I love hearing her sing, though as a child, the volume was difficult for me. (She had a very powerful set of lungs, back then!)

Especially, I loved xmas songs, and I still do, for the most part. The one I loved hearing my mother sing was "Mary, Did You Know." And of course, "Silent Night," and "Le Divine Enfante." I personally love singing "O Holy Night." It's a very moving and melodic song.

When I left christianity (for paganism, at the time), I took the song that went "I still will follow" and changed the lyrics. They still apply.

"Though they go with him, I still won't follow. No turning back, no turning back."

Other than that, I'd have to go with "Spirit in the Sky" especially as the background song to the first warp flight from Earth, in Star Trek: First Contact. :D (And yeah, as someone said, Amazing Grace in WOK was prettymuch a tear-jerker...)

I like "Spirit in the Sky" as well.  I always suspected it was a tongue-in-cheek parody of religion.  What do you think, Nerdlass?

I loved xmas songs when I was a believer.  I still like some of them, but the message annoys me very quickly so I don't listen to them much anymore.  However, I like a lot of the secular xmas songs, especially the humorous ones like "Grandma Got Run-Over by a Reindeer".

I still catch myself singing or humming a Mormon Hymn about once every 3 months.  After all, I sang them all the time for 50 years.  However, it now annoys me when it happens.

Ooooh, certainly Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down." It's hard to go wrong with the Man in Black.


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