Hello I live in Lebanon and I would like to create a group for freethinkers and secularists I am planning on also printing ads and posting them on the wall I also created an event on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/481273168615368/

and here how the paper ad will be like 

The Freethinkers and of Beirut Meet up

Secular People Meet up near hamra facing Eldorado  . If you would like to Join call or whatsapp:+96171****** or email *****@gmail.com

Correct me if I have something wrong thank you.

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Considering where you live, you are either very brave or have a serious streak of insanity running through your blood. I worry for your safety.

I think I would run the paper ad as: Freethinkers of Beirut Meetup. Good luck. I would love to come, cannot afford it.

I hope you get to discuss philosophy, particularly Epicurus! :)


I salute you very much for your courage! I would hope that no vicious religious people try to "crash your party." Maybe you should try to connect with a few Lebanese skeptics online, and only once you trust them arrange a physical meetup just for this select group. Then go from there.

Brigham Young University (a Mormon uni in the USA) has an unofficial skeptics group that is almost a secret society, because if the Uni finds out that you're not really Mormon, it will expel you. Not sure what it's like in Lebanon or how dangerous it is in terms of religious extremism -- but safe is better than sorry. The world can't afford to lose its atheists.

Good luck and keep us posted.




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