any insitution that can conduct an inquisition and then hire people to "prove" it didn't has to be the most evil

This sums up why I see no redeeming quality at all in the catholic church.  It has to be the most evil institution that ever existed.

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Have you seen the 2009 Intelligence Squared debate on the topic: "Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world"?  The opponents to that motion were formidable, to put it mildly: Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry.  Between the two of them, the RCC had no chance and rightly so.

Have a look at your leisure:

thank you!!

I also think we need to update with its involvement in death squads and with the bishops conference writiing the anti-woman legislation now going thru the state legislatures.

We really need an encyclopedia of catholic crimes.

Where have I been since 2009? Thanks, Loren.

I agree totally.

The art of telling lies and obfuscating the past to make it appear grand and non-criminal is called Apologetics.

Both Catholicism and Islam practice apologetics, the Catholics to repaint and cover up their extremely horrid past and Islam to make it appear to be a religion of peace.

Any Institution that has Apologists, must indeed be Fraudulent, because the only use of Apologetics is to cover up and deceive the public.

So the fact that the Catholic church has an Apologetics branch, proves that it is a fraudulent organization.

Catholicism has many features that deny it even being remotely Christian, namely the Pagan practices, not condoned by their martyr, Jeebus Christos. Such as rosary beads, prayers in public, idolatry, including the veneration of crosses, saints and Mary (ISIS).  Going to a Catholic church or even the home of a devout Catholic, finds idolatrous (anti-Biblical) displays abound.  Something any Jeebus would have condemned them for instantly.  

Really, Catholicism was a political institution (money making business) instituted with the help of Constantine, who, never was a genuine Christian, but more a worshipper of Mithra, or so his Arch of Victory depicts, even though he claimed the victory was due to a vision of the Cross, so it was Constantine who invented the use of a Cross as the main symbol of Christianity.  Something genuine Christians in his day, regarded as blasphemous, and like the Albigensian Christians, they would curse the cross and spit on it, as they knew it was not Christian, which is why the Catholic church was determined to exterminate them.

Though I like Steven Colbert's (a Catholic) humorous satire of his own church's view of the new Star Wars movie.

thanks for the excellent point about apologetics!

I agree, Eric. Sadly, the member of the RC church have either forgotten, were never told, or don't care about the barbaric behavior of their church fathers. All they have to do is look and members will find the story in all its blood and gore. It is unconscionable that the church has a branch of apologetics to rationalize their history and their current stand on things religious. 

The Massacre at Béziers

Kill them all, God will know His own"

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

Persecution of Jews in Babalonia

In 1236 many of the Jews of Anjou, *Poitou , and *Brittany were massacred during a wave of persecutions"

Foxe's Actes and Monuments of these Latter and Perillous Days, Touc...

the book describes "persecutions and horrible troubles" that had been "wrought and practiced by the Roman Prelates, speciallye in this realm of England and Scotland"

For heaven's sake, I have only started. just Google Roman Catholic Church attrocities


We really should never let them forget. That is the way all persecuted groups eventually get justice.  Unfortunately it falls to us atheists who seem to be the only freethinking group that is truly outraged by this coverup and revisionism sufficiently to take some action against it. But I'm ready to pursue it for my duration to try to leave this world in a better condition than I found it for everyone, even for the bastards!

brings to mind rick santorum's comment that JFK's support for total church/state separation made him sick to his stomach:

do you suppose JFK's assassination cured his indigestion?

How did you like Paul Ryan during Obama's state of the union? Just more evidence that he’s a religious fanatic who wants to impose his severe Catholic dogma on the rest of us.  His hateful looks during the Obama speech reminded us about the stonily cold Inquisitors who tortured millions in the worst crime in all history.  Ryan is the sort of guy who would be pleased to see a rerun of that abomination with the liberals and progressives as today ‘s victims. He is one bad guy.

He had the nerve to say Obama's speech "degraded the presidency." Ryan degrades the human race.




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