I am new here, and after being a self-labeled Atheist (other people labeled me as much less cordial names), I have recently found out through a cousin of mine that I am actually an Anti-Theist. For those of you whom are unfamiliar with Anti-Theism, please read the following..


Essentially, it states that One opposed to belief in the existence of a God per the English Oxford Dictionary. I was wondering, naturally, how many other persons' were actually actively engaged in such events as well as myself?

Bringing up valid points about why they are false and ignorant, as well as retarding the advancement of the human species in open forums similar to Facebook. If you were to check out my Facebook page, you will notice that I am quite outspoken about what I think is logically valid. I don't care whom I piss off, as no matter what I say I can piss off someone. Good day could be offensive to someone who was A) kicked in the genitals or B) got fired from their job. So... I stopped caring. If I'm going to anger people, I'll just be who I am.

Does anyone else feel that they are an Anti-Theist, or am I alone here? Please, if so, either message me on here or post to this thread if you feel so inclined. I would like to discuss such topics, and better courses of action  if you would be so willing.

Thank You,

Trizzd0319 - Facebook

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