I don't actually live in Dothan, but it's a good center point. I live North West of there in Enterprise, about 30 minutes away.

Anyway, I just turned 18 last month and I've been ronery (I'm a talking dog apparently now..) for quite a while. I build multitudes of different shapes and sizes of Tesla coils in my room and leave the skylight unblocked in case i need to piece together human remains and use the power of flying plasma to reanimate it. Muahahahahah!....No no, not feeling the Mad Scientist thing x)


Seriously though, I have tried a serious relationship with a Christian girl and it just didn't work out, other than that I've never gotten to a first date because some of them are physically attractive, but not at all mentally attractive. I want someone intelligent to love and be loved by, someone to enjoy life with and have fun. Other than than that, I'm not picky.


Background? Well I'm pretty sure i'm the only 18 year old Romantic alive. I like reading books and the occasional poem. Right now I'm reading George R.R. Martin's second book of The Song of Ice and Fire series. I do write sometimes, but..well I used to write for that Christian girl i mentioned and she seemed to enjoy erotica, which was kind of strange when she went Super Christian every once in a while...

"I want bondage incest." "Well ok..I'll get riigh..wait what?" "Yeah?" "Didn't you just go to church?" "Yes, I went to church, now I'm home and I want bondage incest." "Right..."

I've played every (good) free to play MMO out there and I played WoW (Casually) for 5 years, however I try to have a real life while still enjoying the perks of having participated in the activity. I love Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Eureka, and The Big Bang Theory.

I love Physics and science in general, but especially Physics. I get excited everytime a new method of refining quantum computing is formulated, or the LHC whittles down the eV gap for the Higgs Boson. I think it's down to a 10 GeV area now.

I started college the month after i turned 17, I still have a year left for my Associates in Applied Sciences for Aircraft Electronics, then I'll work for a few years to save money and work on my bachelors in Physics, and eventually a PhD.

(Wow, this was long..Sorry.)

I apologize for the profile as well, I updated the picture, the age, and a little of the bio but i need to do a bit more.

Anyway, Allons-y!


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Good luck in finding a sweetheart! Look around for any geeky clubs at university. They may have a lot of theists, but I think a good many will be welcoming to your belief system. I would hope so, anyway. I went to a college in Georgia that had a good sized club, full of nerds. We came from all kinds of off-mainstream subcultures. I'd like to think there's a good chance that such a group exists at your college, too.

LOL. I find that christians tend to have the oddest fetishes. I dated a dude once(for barely a week) who really loved being called a whore/puppy/etc. And of course, he would shamelessly attempt to have any woman dominate him, which was hilarious when I called him out on it a year afterwards, and he claimed it was a "dark place in his life" and he'd "changed since then." When I knew very well he hadn't changed a bit. But they really do have the same amount of fetishes--perhaps even deeper seated and gritty ones than some of us, mostly due to being really suppressed by the church and family/friends.


Hello! I was in Tuscaloosa, now down by Thomasville, AL. Utter Middle of nowhere. I was actually in highschool during a Tornado Warning, and later heard about Enterprise being hit--after that I noticed that we got let out a lot earlier before Tornado Warnings, rather than keeping us there until the last minute. I was also in Tuscaloosa for the April 27th Tornadoes.


You're young though--keep an open mind for now and look for someone when you go to a 4-year college. You'll find loads of people in clubs and such there. I found someone first month or so, and I honestly regret dating just him for 4 years off and on, and not talking to other guys. Really, unless someone is perfect--don't feel like you have to settle. Remember, we're not bound by the same rules as christians--marriage isn't required, you can date for long periods of time, especially if you don't feel like you want to marry someone, but enjoy their company.


Also--don't....lie about the 'not picky' thing. I've met lots of dudes who say the same, but then when I ask them out they claim I'm "too shallow" for them to possibly date--when I know full well I'm not, and the only reason they could turn me down is for being too boisterous/loud for their likings or not pretty enough to be the girlfriend they 'deserve'. So just be honest when you say things like that. When someone asks, I full-up admit that weight doesn't bother me, but teeth that aren't straight, do.


Really though, I understand not wanting to date a Theist anymore. After making more atheist friends....I don't want to go back to Theists! It's so great to have people to share jokes with, and make crappy puns, and not have to worry about offending them because you made a Joke about Jesus Phish and crabs.




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