red handed? no pun, seriously.

what's your thoughts critical thinkers?
one was up in Canada, real estate agent?
and get this, there were arrests of gay folks in a park
you thought mormons hated gay folks, you get arrested for holding a sign in the park there...
hey, Russia, Mormons, Israel/Huckabible... fundies in their own ways...
bad to this land in a few as well, namely humanity, citizens, laws and economy; any extremism through fundieville = bad news/dirty money on autopilot/acceptance of disfunction.

The US will rise from all the dirty tricks that costed so much; it's no coincidence 'cult'ures clash, it's no coincidence atheists and believers clash... there's a few families'/corporations making a huge mondern day profit off the prophets of doom n' gloom. Defense is the best offense. Science and wisdom does win wars. Now if only the human rights were taken into account more than usual, we'll see..

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I'm hoping this event doesn't plunge our fragile relationship with Russia.
cause it only takes one event to spark others which in turn lead to events that start a conflicts.
And the last thing we need is even more tension while were already in another hopeless conflict.
This is my opinion on those spies.
I heard on the radio it was 'long-term'... the activity, money laundering etc..
now as for human rights, check my next post.



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