Now that I have a couple of groups and have been playing around with them a bit more, I am realizing just how limited they are. None of the widgets I have tried to add in the text box section have worked. I suppose this is a limitation with Ning, but I had hoped to be able to do more with the groups (e.g., polling group members, etc.).

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Good question! I will be looking forward to hearing from people more in the know than me.

I think a forum category where people can announce their new groups, and what they're about, might be helpful.

Also, I've volunteered to do a group inventory over the winter (possibly sooner now that gardening season is upon us), because honestly... do we really need 20 groups on the same topic? I think people create them because they don't know there are already groups here. So, we end up with two ex-Catholic groups (for instance), when one would probably be adequate. More people means more discussion.

Well, hopefully...

Dallas Gaytheist has a wee blurb in his introductory and welcoming spiel about looking for groups before creating new ones, but he'd have to clone himself to post it on each incoming member's comment wall.
The last one I tried to add was one of the Digg widgets from here:

It did what they have all done - nothing. I cut and paste the code into the text box, but no widget appears. Maybe I just haven't found one that will work yet.
I did just find one that worked, so I must have just needed to keep trying them.
Ning has done something. Widgets used to run fine - but now, Ning appears to delete any scripting or embedding you add into the group description areas. This occurred a couple of months ago - and is more than just a pain as some folks have found out. Widgets that were embedded and worked not only got deleted when you tried to update the group - but everything else you had for group descriptions as well.
this is why I made this group -

You can make as many stuff ups as you want before committing to the real thing.
Thanks for the reminder felch. I"d worn out my two remaining memory cells that day.


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