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Alex, tell folks what you like.

What do you like?

Just what is it that you like ?

I like observing things and reactions from people. Also video games, comics, anime, and all around comedy
I like it when I can make others happy, more than anything. But then there's my parents who do things that doesn't make anything better, usually just adds onto the already irritation and upsetness, and I don't understand why, if they can just follow my atheistic life...


I don't think there is any such thing as a Satanic atheist. I could be wrong though. Would you please explain what a Satanic atheist is ?

Atheist Nexus groupe de ~Dark Atheists~

~Dark Atheists~


And while he’s at it, he might also explain what an “agnostic atheist” is.

Both seem to be oxymoronic.

Mathew T;

This is a very simple concept:

Faith is engaged when one professes to be a theist.

The existence, or non existence, of god is irrelevant to knowledge.

God is an object of faith.

(faith is different from belief)

I “believe” in the existence of the computer upon which I type these words.

I must, on the other hand, engage “faith” if I am to profess to the existence of a god(s).

A theist, by definition, has faith in the existence of god.

An atheist, on the other hand, lacks faith in the existence of a god.

You either have faith or you don’t.

There is no middle ground.

If an agnostic says “I don’t/can’t “know” if there is a god or not, isn’t that an admission of a lack of faith in the existence of a god?

Why are agnostics so reluctant to admit that they are really  atheists?

Atheists should be inquiring and examining the nature of faith rather than arguing about the ephemeral nature of a god,  in which none of us profess faith.

I see agnostics as reluctant atheists.  They somehow can’t let go of the “possibility”,  or bring themselves to abandon faith all together. 

very well said mathew T. I thought satanics, the ones I hear, didnt believe in god or satan but was just founded as a means to poke fun of Christianity, or something like that. And they also place doing things for the good of others and happiness as top priority. Kinda like atheists but with some "rules"
but I suppose I'm more of an agnostic atheist like mathew described. I can't claim that I know a god doesn't exist but from the evidence that has been presented before me, it's more that fair to believe that there is no god...and I'm fine with saying I know there isn't a god, even though I don't...

I know there are no gods because there isn't a supernatural dimension to the world. Things happen naturally. The supernatural does not exist. There are no gods, devils, angels, ghosts and we do not live beyond death.

Enjoy your life. It's beautiful.




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