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This is what I believe. When you die, what made you you, your personality, your uniqueness, your thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams, and aspirations, are no more. Your body will begin to decompose and finally dissolve into the soil and become nutrients for plants and the insects that feed on their nectar and carry their pollen to fertilize other plants, and for the animals that feed on the plants also. Then when your body reduces down to the atoms and subatomic particles that made up your body, sometime somewhere, someone will drink a cup of water that contains an atom or two from what used to be you. Someone will breathe in an atom of what used to be you. The atoms that made up your body will become one with the universe, and in that sense alone will anything be left of you. That's why what you do in this life must be made to count for something. Leave something behind for people to remember you...good memories of you, writings, blogs, good deeds of kindness, etc.

Alex, what do you aspire to know more of?

If you will tell what you believe happens after death, I will tell what I believe happens after death.

What do you find interesting?

does that make you sad or somewhat unsatisfied. I want to know if you'd like that to be different.... not like going to a heaven or hell type situation, but changing it so that you can be in your own story, like be reborn into a superhero, or live in a comic book type world, or relive your memories as a ghost or something.
like your fantasies, what are they?

I wouldn't mind being able to turn into the Hulk whenever I needed to. The Hulk is my favorite Superhero, always has been.

nice. I'm a deadpool guy.

Superman is one of my favorites, but he'd be at a disadvantage in a high gravity environment,  or a planet with a red sun, or in the presence of kryptonite. Now Doctor Manhattan is pretty cool. 

don't know much about that one, I have more marvel than dc comics. but that sounds good.
what are your preferred super power? Only one

My preferred superpower would be Hulk's super strength and it's attendant invulnerability.

mine is the power to control time. I think it's the best there is since I can make it seem I run fast, and super speed is one that I like, and I can stop it an defeat any bad person, or mess with someone I don't like
that may be cool to have, and flying, I'd want to fly with dragon/angel-like wings




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