Anyone been intimidated over a bumper stickers, t-shirt, etc over non theism or personal choice?

I live in a rural Catholic area and had a "Choice" bumper sticker on my car.

One evening slowly turning a corner in our small town (about 8 businesses) I suddenly had some crazy woman running behind my car screaming "murderer! murderer!"

At first I though I'd run over someone and not noticed (going about 5 mph) then I made the connection to my 'only' bumper sticker I laughed at first but once home I removed it (big chicken) plus I can't afford car repairs.

But why is it I see cars plastered with xian crap but I get threatened because of my beliefs?

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I fly the FSM decal on the back of my car. It starts conversations when folks have never seen it, and it has the same style as the "jesus fish". Once the conversation starts, I remind folks that we have a lot in common. I ask if they have ever heard of Horus, the Egyptian god. They normally say no, so I explain him to them. (Google Him if you haven't heard of him) He parallels jesus in EVERY way, except he existed 4000 years ago instead of 2000. I then ask if they believe Horus is the savior of man. They say of course not, that would be silly. So I ask for specific reasons why they won't believe in him. When they finish, I let them know that I don't believe in any gods at all, for the same EXACT reasons!

Guess I got off track. It's hard to stand up for what you believe in, when threatened with violence. You have done nothing wrong. It is the religious zealots who have historically used violence to force their beliefs on others. Whether you post your sticker or not, be happy in the knowledge that you are within your rights to believe whatever you like. You are the intelligent one! You are the victor, since you are a free-thinker!

Cheers and good fortune :)
I'm a Pastafarinan also & for my 50th BD I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo of his noodelyness. Also thinking of getting a new(er) car & would like to decorate.

I could hug your hubcap :)
Once i went with a friend to the hardware stire. He has similar stuff on his care such as:"If you want to live in a religious country,more to Iran". Etc...Well someone left a very angry note on his wind shill wiper about him going to hell,etc.
Car was never damaged.
I live in Dallas, another place where you can have your windshield caved in for something like that. I don't paper my car with atheist things although most people I know are aware I am an atheist. I do have shirts and buttons I wear that frequently cause double takes, but I rarely have to deal with anyone saying anything to me about them.

My problem is my mother in law. I have the most wonderful 89 year old mother in law who happens to be Pentecostal. Because I am so fond of her, and because I drive my car to California a couple of times a year to see her, I restrain myself. I even bite the bullet and go to church with her when I'm there.

I kind of suspect that she kind of suspects, but because I have this incredible respect for her I simply make it all right for her. It doesn't bother me.

Anyone else, however, can simply go fly a kite into the Trinity River.
There was an Atheist that tried to get "No God" on his license plate, but they wouldn't allow him. Yet, as was brought up, you see license plates that say "RULDS2", or, in English, "Are you LDS too?" Which is stupid because if you live where I live, unless you're me, of course you are.

I don't really think being Pro-choice or Pro-life is really an Atheist decision though. I think they're both bad names, actually. We should call it Pro-Baby-Killing and Pro-Right-Denying so we're at least not kidding ourselves. I think it's hard to be on the controversial end of any debate but sometimes it pays off when you end up on the "right" side of history.

People here wear religious tees all the time at school, which probably isn't allowed. However, they won't get in trouble for it. If I wore a tee displaying my beliefs, I would at least get some looks, maybe a keen little trip to the counseling office if they dared. It's a bit unfair but I'm a minority and it's not only Atheists that are discriminated against.
I had my car vandalized. They keyed my paint all up and broke off my darwin fish. It's happened twice, so now I don't have a darwin fish on my car.
That sucks and it's why I don't advertise my (non)religious views on my car.
You might also want to try FSM they probably won't get it.
I haven't had many problems since going to a highschool in an wasteland area between the urban core and suburban zone.... I guess people downtown are more used to seeing people wearing t-shirts, necklaces and the like that are political in a "non god-like" (= (often) conservative) nature.

I really hate seeing the "Bless our Troops" type stickers. Don't really see any anti-choice ones around here, thankfully.
I love the headstone with 2012, I've been hearing about this from my 'spiritual' friends for quite a few years now=P




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