Anyone been intimidated over a bumper stickers, t-shirt, etc over non theism or personal choice?

I live in a rural Catholic area and had a "Choice" bumper sticker on my car.

One evening slowly turning a corner in our small town (about 8 businesses) I suddenly had some crazy woman running behind my car screaming "murderer! murderer!"

At first I though I'd run over someone and not noticed (going about 5 mph) then I made the connection to my 'only' bumper sticker I laughed at first but once home I removed it (big chicken) plus I can't afford car repairs.

But why is it I see cars plastered with xian crap but I get threatened because of my beliefs?

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I'm not religious (hense being on here) but I do think something is going to happen in the year 2012.

Not necessairly the end of the world (though that would mean the end of my debt!) but a new beginning - hopefully a better beginning. I think people put religious language into the debate because "the end" or "a new life" usually equates with "heaven and hell"
I do agree something will happen in 2012 (or before or after) and it is not going to be pretty, but I also believe it will be caused by humans.(that is other than getting hit by a giant meteorite and the earth getting a chance to start from scratch again...)
You're a chicken. You should have run her over and said, looking down at her mangled, bloody, dying body, as her chest heaved in and out oh so slightly as her will to keep on living slowly slipped away "You got that right." Preferably lighting a cigarette during such.


Reinstall it, and put them on others' bumpers as well.

Thinking about it, I wonder about putting a large crucifixion scene on the hood of my car. What an affront it would be, to the few who'd know and who might notice, that if it is oriented upright viewed from the front that I get to see it upside-down every time I get inside. ...hmm...

Catholics are the craziest peoples.
I could have backed over her but we have some Big girls around here she might have torn my bumper off... (but I like the picture it put in my mind)
I can think of one non-theist who's just as crazy.
I am so thankful I live in a place that is much, much more tolerant! I can't imagine what I'd do (probably cry, or nothing) if somebody wrecked my car because of my bumper stickers and decals. The only one I have on this vehicle, so far, is a Darwin fish my sister bought us as a wedding gift. I've had a few funny looks, but nothing else really.

Before I was an atheist, I was pagan. I had a "Pagan and Proud!" sticker on my car for a few months.. my extended family was not impressed, and I got a lot of dirty looks and cold shoulders from a few of my cousins for a good year or so before they forgot about it. Nothing else though thankfully :)
I work in law enforcement which tends to be a highly religious group of people most of the time. For a long time I've wanted to slap a bumper sticker or even a Darwin Fish on my car but being the only atheist around and wanting to avoid the impending arguments and awkwardness on the work front I have always chickened out.
One of the board members of New Orleans Secular Humanist Assosciation has this awesome license plate on his car. :)

We asked him if he ever had his car keyed or anything, and he said no. He does at times get a thumbs-up from passers-by along with the occassional look of disapproval..hehe
:D That's awesome.
I have never been intimidated because of anything I had on my car. But when I leave work sometimes I am sometimes stuck behind a car with multiple xtian fish and a license plate that says "HVNBND" (Heaven Bound"

I really should take a picture sometime
You will always run into nut cases on occasion. By voicing an unpopular opinion (in your area) you have to decide if you want to use the fight or flight response. Seems like you chose flight by removing the sticker and avoiding confrontation. Nothing wrong with that response in light of the perceived persecution you felt.

There are hordes of close minded individuals in every community and while Dawkins, Harris, and Barker can confront them through their TV sets, it is probably best if you do not attempt this at your local grocery store. Start slowly by wearing the anti-theist garment away from home where not everyone who sees you will know where you live. Soon you will have dealt with enough comments and exchanges that you may feel comfortable expressing your opinions to your not so friendly neighbors. After enough practice you may become one who chooses to fight instead of run in the next hometown altercation.

Good luck!
I have the FSM car logo and a fish with the word "Paddle" in it on the back of my car (I like to kayak). Only interesting discussions have ensued about the FSM logo, and no one has said anything about the fish. My wife also has the "Paddle" fish, and returned to her car in a parking lot once to find a hand-written piece of scripture scotch-taped to her driver-side window, something refering to it being wrong to mock God, or something like that. That's all the reaction either of us has gotten.



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