Anyone been intimidated over a bumper stickers, t-shirt, etc over non theism or personal choice?

I live in a rural Catholic area and had a "Choice" bumper sticker on my car.

One evening slowly turning a corner in our small town (about 8 businesses) I suddenly had some crazy woman running behind my car screaming "murderer! murderer!"

At first I though I'd run over someone and not noticed (going about 5 mph) then I made the connection to my 'only' bumper sticker I laughed at first but once home I removed it (big chicken) plus I can't afford car repairs.

But why is it I see cars plastered with xian crap but I get threatened because of my beliefs?

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Gode Bless Amerika...............
You forgot a couple of "k"s, Sue.
Did you have a sticker on your car, or were you wearing an "Obama" shirt?
It's hard to work with a local campaign committee and not advertise my position.

In either case, people were coming up to me and reminding me about a hell I don't believe in whether I was actively campaigning or just looking for a bite to eat. That's not to say there weren't some supporters, but the vast majority of people who approached me were overtly and obviously hostile.

I did get one "nigger lover" in Nevada when I was wearing my Alex Ross Obama t-shirt.

( )

I wasn't surprised, I expected it fully; it's still shocking.
Heh. I hadn't seen the Alex Ross t-shirt of Obama.

Yes, still shocking. Were you on your own when you were out stumping for Obama?
Over at unreasonable Faith, Daniel put up part of a documentary about the Phelps family from Kansas. I could only watch the first part, I really have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that people think that way, but then I remember all my Kansas relatives. My own father spouts the most racist crap every time he sees me, then when I come back at him he does the old "don't want to talk about it"

Good thing I don't carry concealed, there have been moments....
(I didn't really mean the concealed comment) I love my Dad he was just here recently and making the most awful racist comments about Barack. It took him the last few months of the Bush fiasco until he finally admitted the guy was awful...
Hahaha! I didn't think you really meant the "concealed" comment.

Thankfully, once my mom divorced the stepfather-from-hell, I didn't have to deal with too many -ist or -phobe comments from my family.
Oh no I wasn't alone.

We always go in pairs. It doesn't make any difference though.

They usually paired men and women to go together to canvas to avoid women teams feeling intimidated by men and to prevent women from being intimidated by teams of men.

When I was in Fresno to campaign against Prop 8 I was paired with a woman whose partner was serving in Iraq. She traveled away from her home district to campaign because she was worried about outing her partner. Just to hear about the shit she has to go through every single fucking day is appalling. They can't hold hands in public, they can't go on dates without spending half the time checking themsevles and the other half looking over their shoulders, they live in a really red district so she knows that the people around her would hate her if they knew. It's just slightly better than being Japanese during WWII.

I am all for people thinking and saying whatever mental diarrhea makes the trip from the brain to the mouth, but they don't extend the same courtesy. They want to be able to say and think and do whatever they like (which I'm for) to the exclusion of others' ability to do likewise (which I'm not for).

It's a kind of social authoritarianism that they think they're entitled to; that they can say whatever offensive nonsense they like, but the moment something looks like it could oppose them it's automatically offensive; and apparently their right to not be offended trumps your right to "offend."
This is (in my belief) because Xians were never burned at the stake, dropped in boiling oil, convicted of heresy, been harassed at work,etc., by atheist. So they have never had to be afraid of their beliefs, thereby feeling secure enough to insinuate nonsense on us. Also, We haven't felt the need to reduce our IQ to attempt to convince them of the mistake they profess to believe in. This is how we've come to this... But take heart- there are those of us out there who do NOT remove the stickers and do challenge them, and find they are not as secure as they would have all of us believe. Hang in there.
I LOVE BUMPERSTICKERS!! I have one that says, "Discourage inbreeding, ban country music", and one that says "If you want religion in our government than move to Iran". When I'm at stoplights I see people, in my rearview mirror, straining to read the stickers. The facial expressions they make are hilarious (some laugh and some scowl).




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