Anyone been intimidated over a bumper stickers, t-shirt, etc over non theism or personal choice?

I live in a rural Catholic area and had a "Choice" bumper sticker on my car.

One evening slowly turning a corner in our small town (about 8 businesses) I suddenly had some crazy woman running behind my car screaming "murderer! murderer!"

At first I though I'd run over someone and not noticed (going about 5 mph) then I made the connection to my 'only' bumper sticker I laughed at first but once home I removed it (big chicken) plus I can't afford car repairs.

But why is it I see cars plastered with xian crap but I get threatened because of my beliefs?

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But why is it I see cars plastered with xian crap but I get threatened because of my beliefs?

Because most atheists don't care, and if we do are too smart to make open threats. We just quietly key their car or firebomb their church.
I had a Darwin fish on the back of my car. Someone ran a key down about 2/3 of the passenger side while in the parking lot at work. This happened in 2001. No longer have that car. Bought a new Corolla in 2003. Never put a Darwin fish on it. Have a 99 LeSabre with only about 50,000 miles on it. Might put a FSM sticker on it.
The mantra from the religious right is now 'Freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion". Just another platitude to give people the excuse to justify "righteous" anger.
As I have said before here I was abused and sworn at by a able bodied gentleman parked in a disabled parking space, as he slammed the boot shut on his Lexus SUV the rear window was covered in Christian stickers !!!!!

Some religion :-)

I tend not to put stickers on my car as my bad driving may be judged by others as being typical of my beliefs :-(
You could always take a remedial driving course.
Do not do this !!!

It reads "Man Love Rules" on a pickup driven by Richard Hammond from the BBC Top Gear US challenge.

It did not go down well in the deep south :-(
hahahaha! I love Top Gear! Richard Hammond recently said he thinks that "Motorhead" by Motorhead or Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" should be the national anthem.
Holy fuck!

I can't believe that you got "fired" from being an escort because you carry (carried?) a gun. Also, if I'd been on a date with you, I'd have been happy you had a gun. Seems to me you staved off a beating (or two), and no one got hurt.
I'm with Meabh!
I want your "Don't pray in my school..." bumper sticker!
I want a bumper sticker with Doug Stanhopes line
"If Death leads to Eternal Happiness why are you wearing a seat belt?'

That would be an awesome bumper sticker.
I soooo need a sticker that says that!
When I was campaigning against Prop 8 I drove all up and down California and into Nevada to canvas for Obama and I got all sorts of shit for it.

"Fag lover" was the most frequent slur. To be honest, in some of the places I went I didn't even trust the police would intervene if anyone did anything to me.




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