Loren asked a question the other day, wondering if the real reason for the anti-Obama sentiment was race related.  i'm starting to think that is the most likely cause.  the linked article discusses 2 cases of GTP (formerly GOP) authorities caught forwarding blatantly racist Obama hate emails. 


additionally, an Alaska man is suing to keep Obama off of the Presidential ballot because he is black, and he believes that the 14th Ammendment was ratified improperly or illegally.  (


besides the color of his skin, what has Obama done that is so hateable?  ok, there is the debt issue.  of course, it might have happened no matter who was elected President, but i'll give them that one. 


what else?  not enough drilling?  stopping the Canadian pipeline?  oil prices in general?  taxes? 


i can see not liking the current President, no matter who he is, for all sorts of reasons.  but the immense hate that you get from the anti-Obama crowd is delerious.  they would vote for the Grand Wizard of the KKK before voting for Obama.  actually, the Wizard might beat him in a landslide. 

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yeah, i saw that.  but he's not racist.  he just forwarded an admittedly racist email to family and friends.  maybe he's right and he just associates with a lot of racists, and he thought they would get a kick out of it. 

Spot on booklover.

Thing is, Obama isn't just black.  He's demonstrated thoughtfulness and levelheadedness, despite what his barely-thinking detractors want to say about him.  He's pragmatic more than idealistic; he wants solutions that WORK, not just for democrats or republicans but for as many as possible and to the detriment of as few as possible.  He does things less for show than to get them done; his nickname wasn't "No Drama Obama" for nothing.  Further, if there is ANY mean-spiritedness to Obama, he really hasn't shown it to me, and even considering his occasional jabs at opponents, his rhetoric has been NOTHING like the invective aimed at him.

Obama works at being COMPETENT ... and that must gall the daylights out of those who, for whatever reason, see his position as president as somehow anathema to their mindsets of how this nation should work.  The only thing I can hypothesize is that they react to Obama at some unconscious gut-level where reason and rationality simply don't exist.

What's frightening to me is the level of their vituperation and the lengths they seem willing to go to unseat him from his office.

yes, but he reads from a teleprompter!!!

At least he can READ!  Oh, and speak clearly ... or do I have to remind you of:

"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"

-- George W. Bush




someone should have given him a teleprompter.

A teleprompter wouldn't have helped.  Maybe a ventriloquist ... but who would have the balls to put his hand up Bush's [CENSORED!!!]?


He did have a ventriloquist. His name was Dick Cheney.


The simple fact is that the US would be in the dumpster if Obama was an ideologue. He inherited an economy that was arguably worse than the one that FDR stepped into - FDR didn't have two unnecessary wars to deal with.
But 30+ years of greed (with 8 years of acceleration) has eroded the middle class, looted the public’s wealth, sold the nations assets, ignored the country's vital infrastructure and sent American jobs off shore. All to the benefit of the extremely wealthy but to the detriment of the rest of us and the nation.
But despite that inheritance and a republican party that has stalled or delayed all of his efforts, the economy is steadily improving.


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