Loren asked a question the other day, wondering if the real reason for the anti-Obama sentiment was race related.  i'm starting to think that is the most likely cause.  the linked article discusses 2 cases of GTP (formerly GOP) authorities caught forwarding blatantly racist Obama hate emails. 


additionally, an Alaska man is suing to keep Obama off of the Presidential ballot because he is black, and he believes that the 14th Ammendment was ratified improperly or illegally.  (


besides the color of his skin, what has Obama done that is so hateable?  ok, there is the debt issue.  of course, it might have happened no matter who was elected President, but i'll give them that one. 


what else?  not enough drilling?  stopping the Canadian pipeline?  oil prices in general?  taxes? 


i can see not liking the current President, no matter who he is, for all sorts of reasons.  but the immense hate that you get from the anti-Obama crowd is delerious.  they would vote for the Grand Wizard of the KKK before voting for Obama.  actually, the Wizard might beat him in a landslide. 

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i really don't know Joan.  poverty more than anything else leads to crime.  i doubt sincerely that one's skin color makes them more or less likely to be a criminal, but circumstances tend to dicate these things more than anything. 


employment opportunities?  well, if you grew up in the ghetto and don't grow out of the ghetto speak, than your employment opportunities are naturally limited.  same thing with the trailer park crowd. 


as for profiling and unfair sentencing, i'm quite certain that a good amount of that does occur.  i doubt we will ever be free from bigots in this country. 

Absolutely, Matthew, we deal with complex problems. Prejudices exist for a reason, sometimes earned. Let's make that a given; now what? 

If "poverty more than anything else leads to crime", explain Bernie Madoff, Edwin EdwardsJack AbramoffAndrew FastowRandy "Duke" CunninghamRichard ScrushyJoseph NacchioJohn and Timothy RigasJeffrey SkillingBernard Ebbers.

The top 10 White-collar criminals. That doesn't even include the unindicted thieves, liars, and crooks of the recent bank melt-down. 

I wonder how much money these poor clods in the photos took from others and how much the top 10 took? I agree, a crook is a crook, some just dress nicer and act more un-crooked. 

Summation of the situation from redneck central (My coworkers in Sand Mountain Alabama).

1. Democrats are the devil because they hate jesus and want to kill babies with my money and take away my guns.

2. Black people are lazy and they all stick together.

3. A black president has only one agenda, which is giving my hard earned money to other black people so            they don't have to work.

4. He's a SOCIALIST! (they all are)

5. He's a muslim terrorist.

6. He's getting us deeper and deeper in debt supporting lazy blacks and Mexicans.

7. Democrats are weak and spend too much money on 'entitlements' like education and stupid art.

8. He don't even hate queers!

9. We've got to take our country back!

10. Obama is the worst president ever!

11. God bless Ronald Reagan

Hmmmm.... was any of that racist?

These are NOT my views! It's just what rednecks think around here.

There is a really delicious brand of bacon that I boycott: "Redneck". 

These attitudes you describe are either growing in numbers or in volume, either way, they are not values upon which USA is built. There is so much fear about looking at other political models and different business models, and accepting the fact that many of us do not believe god exists, that we continue to be stuck in this political-economic-religious rut.
A rut is defined as a grave with the ends knocked out. 

I could not handle that.  That is similar to how people were in small town Indiana, and is much of why, when I had the chance, I moved 2,000 miles away.  I did not have what it took to counter the local culture.  

Maybe one day I can fulfill my dream of living in Vermont. Maybe Oregon.

You could do worse.  fyi, Oregon is kind of Californicated now.  At least around Portland.  Car culture, mall culture, and suburban sprawl.  But there's great coffee and microbrew. And amazing donuts.

I disagree Sentient! I live in Portland and there is some of what you say, but in all honesty, I find Californians to be much more conservative and narrow minded. (I'm from California born and raised and still have family there). Portland is a pretty open minded city. :) Now if the weather would just be sunnier! And yes, Voodoo Doughnut is AMAZING!

Looks like I would not like California!  Portland used to be much less developed and scruffy.  I loved it then.

Well, it still looks pretty scruffy to me! Lol! I just wish there weren't so many "urban hipsters" around now. All the vegan/gluten free people who also smoke... That's an entirely different topic though. ;-)

Joan, Obama also appointed Ken Salazar, enemy of anything with chlorophyll, feather, or fur, Secretary of The Interior. Though Salazar may not be directly involved in banking, he is brokering and selling off our nation's irreplaceable creatures and natural resources at breakneck speed!  Between that, and abridging the Constitution, he has disappointed me.

Dogly, good point! There are so many others and I failed to tag them and forgot their names and positions, and the evidence is clear ... Obama is the pawn of corporate wealth. 
Dilemma, no one is qualified to be POTUS in this string of candidates, and I see none on the horizon. Do you?  



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