Loren asked a question the other day, wondering if the real reason for the anti-Obama sentiment was race related.  i'm starting to think that is the most likely cause.  the linked article discusses 2 cases of GTP (formerly GOP) authorities caught forwarding blatantly racist Obama hate emails. 


additionally, an Alaska man is suing to keep Obama off of the Presidential ballot because he is black, and he believes that the 14th Ammendment was ratified improperly or illegally.  (


besides the color of his skin, what has Obama done that is so hateable?  ok, there is the debt issue.  of course, it might have happened no matter who was elected President, but i'll give them that one. 


what else?  not enough drilling?  stopping the Canadian pipeline?  oil prices in general?  taxes? 


i can see not liking the current President, no matter who he is, for all sorts of reasons.  but the immense hate that you get from the anti-Obama crowd is delerious.  they would vote for the Grand Wizard of the KKK before voting for Obama.  actually, the Wizard might beat him in a landslide. 

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Thanks for the new word:

Manichaeism |ˈmanəˌkēizəm| (also Manicheism)


a dualistic religious system with Christian, Gnostic, and pagan elements, founded in Persia in the 3rd century by Manes ( c. 216– c. 276). The system was based on a supposed primeval conflict between light and darkness. It spread widely in the Roman Empire and in Asia, and survived in Chinese Turkestan until the 13th century.

religious or philosophical dualism.

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from late Latin Manichaeus (from the name Manes: see above) + -ism .

Raving Hillbilly, you hit the nail on its head. We are, indeed, witness to psychopathology. 

I don't know which is more offensive - that this is so racist, or that it's so stupid.  I would not get along with your mom.

i'm struggling a bit right now.  last night we talked about how i couldn't run for public office because i'm an Atheist.  she seemed surprised, so i sent her an email explaining that there are exactly 2 openly Atheist politicians in the US.  her response:


"guess that just shows that the majority of people in this country believe in GOD.
Sorryyou are in the minority....
Love you,



Easy for me to talk.  My parents are dead.  They did not view themselves as racist, and would be shocked if some-one said they were.  They did have views that came from sheltered rural mid-west upbringing, and those views included ideas that we consider racist.  My Dad was offended that I criticized the great American president, also known as dubya.  There was enough else for us to talk about, and our distance was so great, that we avoided controversy and stuck to the weather, and gardening, and cooking, and history, and which neighbor or relative was ill. When  was clear that I had love interest across racial "barriers", they were gracious, but nervous, and cautiously accepting, but not necessarily happy about the situation.  Religion was not in the conversation at all - they were so shocked when I went Unitarian that didn't carry it further to discussing that I thought the Unitarians were too religious.

It sounds as though you have to emotionally divorce yourself from your mother, as so many of us have had to do with family and friends if we want to be healthy. So, when you feel the need for a hug from Mom, give yourself a hug and realize "what is, is." 

Let me guess, she thinks that this country was founded as a Christian nation.

No Joan, I don't see any knight in shining armor, or heroine on the horizon.  We are stuck with nut-cases who hate us, and sell-outs who forgot we really believed them.  I'm off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!

And I to my garden! Thankfully, the rain and snow have let up for today ... very cold weather predicted. Crazy weather ... maybe it is the weather that makes political candidates so irrational. 

NDAA - just for this Obama is the worst president in the history of the USA.

Obama's constant use of the race card (he even called Bill Clinton racist) for political advantage

There is a lot more. But honestly I am tired of choosing from a selection of bad to horrible.

Also the 'white racists' have a point. Go live in any 'diverse' majority black country and you might just become one of those 'white racists' as well... if you survive long enough to change your mind- not to mention blacks are often more racist than whites (look at what happened in Haiti, Rhodesia and is happening now in South Africa).

Biological differences exist and they are extremely important... this is a fact. PC brainwashing is no different than faith.

I know I am in the serious minority- being an atheist with this unorthodox viewpoint- but I did not leave one irrational faith just to pick up a more popular one called Political Correctness.

i grew up in New Orleans and experienced reverse racism first hand.  i attended public school!  yet i don't hold that against blacks in general.  most of the cultural differences between races are socio-economical.  if i lived in rural Kentucky, i would hold negative points of view on my hillbillie white trash neighbors.  now i live in Philly, and don't think for a second that i wish to spend a nice sunny afternoon walking through North or West Philly. 


all of that is to say that i hold no true bias based on skin color.  i try to look at the man/woman as an individual.  call that PC if you like but it's the fairest way to behave. 


i wouldn't go so far as to call you a racist though.  but i could be wrong. 

"i try to look at the man/woman as an individual." I agree that in 1-on-1 settings this can work - but past experiences always color future ones. Also in a truly libertarian or meritocratic state this approach might work. Currently affirmative-action/anti-racism/diversity = ignoring the facts and racism against whites.

I agree that economics and culture are important - but so are biological differences. I used to live in Croydon- where the riots started a while back in England... blacks were the majority at my school and I was picked on for being white (e.g. in art class they made clay penises and threw them at me). As the rioters were almost homogeneously black, I am of the opinion that both race and economic inequality are to blame.

P.S I am not a supporter of lowest common denominator politics - aka "let's make everyone equally miserable" doctrine




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