Loren asked a question the other day, wondering if the real reason for the anti-Obama sentiment was race related.  i'm starting to think that is the most likely cause.  the linked article discusses 2 cases of GTP (formerly GOP) authorities caught forwarding blatantly racist Obama hate emails. 


additionally, an Alaska man is suing to keep Obama off of the Presidential ballot because he is black, and he believes that the 14th Ammendment was ratified improperly or illegally.  (


besides the color of his skin, what has Obama done that is so hateable?  ok, there is the debt issue.  of course, it might have happened no matter who was elected President, but i'll give them that one. 


what else?  not enough drilling?  stopping the Canadian pipeline?  oil prices in general?  taxes? 


i can see not liking the current President, no matter who he is, for all sorts of reasons.  but the immense hate that you get from the anti-Obama crowd is delerious.  they would vote for the Grand Wizard of the KKK before voting for Obama.  actually, the Wizard might beat him in a landslide. 

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Will Faithless Sophia, I can understand your feelings and position, especially knowing you lived through a terrible time in Croydon. Riots can cause one to take a stand, and for very good reason. 
I taught in a ghetto school in Washington, DC for two years and many mothers and fathers spit on me and called me awful names because I was a white intruder trying to tell them how to live. When Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated in 1968 a riot broke out while I was teaching. Four of the biggest, blackest men stormed into my classroom, swept me up, put me in my car, put cars in front, back, on both sides and escorted me out of the project until I was safely on my way home in Bathesda. Looking over my shoulder through the monuments I could see flames and smoke billowing up for one and one-half miles of the city. At the end of the school term, every one of my students passed Civil Service tests and they all got jobs (none of their co-horts did). The parents thanked me profusely and my students gave me a wonderful book they wrote about their experiences with me.

Sounds familiar. and accurate. 

For what it's worth, I grew up in a majority white environment, and was mistreated and bullied relentlessly in majority (95%) white schools, by white people.  And I am nominally white.  It wasn't until I was recruited into the military that I experienced being in a small minority as a white person.  What happened to me - even when thrown into the same barracks, and same bunks, in a majority black and second largest group latin, I was never unwelcome, never mistreated, always belonged.  Naturally there were bad eggs, and assholes, of every color, but the eye opener to me was that I was far happier among people who didn't look just like me, than growing up among people who did look like me.  You may never overcome the effects of being bullied in your high school, and you may always generalize that to all people who look like the assholes who tormented you.  All I can say is that I was tormented by white people, and it doesn't mean that I am anti-white today.  On the other hand, since my military experience, I've never been exclusive in my personal, social, professional, sexual, or marriage life with respect to race, and my life has been indescribably richer in experience for it.  I am not naive, far from inexperienced, and not politically correct, but when it comes to race, my personal experience is that there is no difference in worthiness, diligence, openness, kindness, or love, hate or cruelty, based on race.  Even today, there have been times when I felt more comfortable as the only person who looked like me, than when visiting my small home town where it is still mostly white. That's from someone who has lived in small towns, college towns, inner city Chicago, Louisiana, Texas, and a few other places, Midwest, Northeast and Northwest, and went from working class, to scholar, to professional.

I lived for 9 1/2 years in Chicago Heights.  I have been called racist many times.  Manly do to the patrons not wanting to follow rules. Doesn't mean I suddenly hate all black because of it.

Will Faithless Sophia, I respectfully disagree with you about Obama being the worst president in the history of the USA because of The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012.  I don't like that either and will do all I can to get that changed. He is not a good president, in my opinion because of his stand on fiscal policy. 

However, in my humble opinion, as to worst presidents: 

Buchanan because he did not stop the spread of slavery.

Harding because he was not an administrator.

A. Johnson because he opposed Reconstruction.

Pierce because he expanded USA borders and added slave states.

Fillmore because he allowed slavery to spread.

Tyler because he defended slavery.

Grant because he allowed graft and corruption.

Nixon because he was politically corrupt.

Hoover because he was a friend of the wealthy but not corrupt himself.  

Bush, Jr  because he was stupid, classist, and had classist parents. 

You should be writing for US News.  Like you, I would add GWB to the list of the 10 worst.  He took a country that was in fairly good shape, bankrupted the country, corrupted his party beyond recognition, went to war without reason, and poisoned discourse worse than we've seen in a long time.  

Sentient Biped, Thank you for your kind words and especially for your description of GWB 's corruption and poisoned discourse. He did the person who works for him/herself, wage earners and people unable to work for a living no good. 

I wonder what was the religiosity of these worst presidents. Well, I have a nice project to work on. 

I'll agree with the NDAA point... Made me sick and wanting for another choice, but the repubs don't have that person, this election.

I'd also like to point out that typically, nations have a broad amount of ethnocentrism, no matter the 'race' or in the US' case, mainstream culture regardless of ethnic background. The biological differences between peoples are negligent on the DNA level. We're all humans. Period. And we all tend to label and categorize, and that's how things get out of hand for some, when they can't see past those labels and categories. People here are going to assume I'm christian until I say I'm not, because I'm from the West, and "people from the West are christian."

   We in the non-theist population, need to do our part, and make sure this country never elects a mormon president. Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin Franklin, among other foundning fathers, would be astonished if they would see this. A man with such absurd religous beliefs counter to all science and logic, that he could even be this close to leadership of the  republic, to being a President of the United States of America. Yes, you are correct- all religions are ridiculous, & politicians adhere to their foolishness. However, there are some that we just can not allow to hold the title of commander-in-chief. At the top if my head comes Muslims & Mormons. I'm sure I can come up with many more, but for now........

Giuseppe, I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I would go a step further ... people with religious entanglements need to be watched very closely to see what they have done in the past, how they make their decisions, and the decisions made. 

Perhaps we need to do more educating about the role spirituality played in Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin. They were deists, as I understand, and is that not like humanists? 

Patriot Act 2 (he said he would repeal this and close Guantanamo)

NDAA (making the world Guantanamo)




and now this...

I repeat- Obama is the worst president in US history. Or rather a somewhat average sort-of benevolent dictator... for now. Although I think Obama is really just the actor the powers that be chose for the face of public power. Divide and conquer.

The Republic is already gone.

That is so sad. It's same arguments that is always used against a President. "Oh, dear the sky is falling". But we clear thinking people know it was only an acorn.

I hope the "Republic" is gone. Maybe we can get our Democracy back.

You would have looked good standing in the breadline during the depression that Obama prevented.




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