Anyone else read or reading The Evolution of God by Robert Wright?

I just started reading this book. And so far it's good and I would recommend it.

I do have one question that the book did not seem to cover is that ( depending on who you ask ) God in Genesis is plural that is to say when translated Gods became God. Think: " And Gods created the Heavens and the Earth..." and " Gods said let there be light..."

I have herd this before and can not seem to find any references to it now. Anyone else ever herd of this?

The book does cover many other times in the bible that God say us and references to other gods.

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Crack open a Bible and find out; let us know what you find. This book is in my Kindle sample que, the sample piqued my interest. As soon as I get off this Twilight kick (It's worse than heroine, seriously, lol) I am on to this one.

Seriously though, every Atheist should own a Bible (King James or otherwise) in order to reference things like this. It's also good to "know thy enemy" ;o) LOL
I have a many bibles all in English, none in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic or Latin. I don't read that yet :-) So cracking open a Bible in English is only going to tell me what I already know. God is singular.

Even Young's Literal Translation reads Gen 1:3 "and God saith, 'Let light be;' and light is. What I am told is that in Original or Early or untranslated bible it would read something like " and Gods said 'Let light be" and light is.

And yes I think people who are Atheist, Agnostic, Freethinkers etc should know and understand the bible - that is why I am reading " the Evolution of God "
I guess I didn't fully understand your question then, sorry :o( I thought you wanted a page:line cite, my bad.
Must be a remnant of their ancient religion.
Some info on the book

I look at this book as "how man changes god to fit his needs. "
Seen author on Colbert thought about picking up seemed interesting...probably will
Thanks maybe I can catch a rerun of the Colbert Report.
I heard on the American Freethought podcast (and subsequent reading of articles) that the book overall is an interesting read, *but* you should know that the author is anti-atheist and has some weird theory about God that he refuses to explain clearly. He had a back-and-forth on Huffington Post called "The Trouble with the New Atheists".

Here's information about him and the book (as well as a podcast with an interview of the author) American Freethought.

It'd be interesting to hear what your impressions are of the book. I don't think people should not read books by theists just because they're theists, but my impression was that Robert Wright was basically trying to draw in atheists into reading his book, and then tried to sneak in some religion into the book and digs against atheists in the media.


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