Anyone else reading the new Dawkins book (Greatest Show on Earth)? Discussion?...Thoughts?

I am about halfway through and am absolutely loving it. Since we live where we do, there haven't been any chances for me to discuss any of the book with co-workers, friends, etc. and just wanted to know what everyone else is thinking so far. And on a side note you can download the audiobook here.

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Isom, I bought the book last week but have been too busy to read very much of it. It's good to know you're enjoying it. At least I'll have something to look forward to!
I have actually only "read" 3 chapters but have listened to about half of the audiobook in my car the last few days. Its so cool to actually HEAR Dr. Dawkins in his own words. Can't wait to go to the book reading at USC on 10/13. To download the audiobook, download the program Utorrent, then start the download from the above link. One thing about the book that I really like is that although it is FILLED with technical information and experiments about evolution while using some unfamiliar Latin names for many of the animals mentioned, it never seems over-complicated nor "dumbed-down". Dr. Dawkins gives his readers intellectual credit enough to not have to define EVERY single scientific term, while at the same time making complicated subject matter concise and easy-to-follow. I wish this book could be distributed nationwide for free in the US, because many well-educated people here have been taught very little (if any) about evolution or natural selection in a proper learning environment.
I've read a couple chapters so far and am thoroughly enjoying it. isom, my wife and I are still planning to go to USC next week to see the man. We need to coordinate a bit, maybe grab a beer/coffee beforehand.
I started listening to the audio book today going to and from work. I’m enjoying it so far.


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