Look, I know in every generation they think its always getting worse than it was (which is rarely backed up by the data),

But I'm curious, does everyone else here feel like the insanity is growing? Or do ya'll think the issue is we're simply becoming more aware of all the insanity that has been laying under the surface all this time.

Or do ya'll think its all just the same shit different day and not much has changed?

For me in my lifetime, some of this stuff really seems to be more out there than I ever would have imagined possible.

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BenGee, I think we are all just as human as we were two or perhaps ten thousand years ago, the good and the bad. One very great thing that has and is changing is knowledge and technology which is growing at an exponential rate. Social media has replaced the news media in just the last decade. The internet is now more important than television. We now not only have the power to do much greater good, but also the power to become much more dangerous. We will experience much growing pains as a species as our knowledge, information, and thus power to change and influence the world increases. We are no crazier than before we just have the ability to do much crazier things. We also do have much more exposure to those who do crazy things.
In the end we are still just as human, just as wise or incompetent as ever. My question is how as a species will we handle it?

Well said! thank you Compelled :)

It has never came down to having an insane liar in the oval office. Liars we've had plenty of but not insane liars. Hate crimes keep rising as does anti immigrant rhetoric. Unless everyone on american soil is native american then we are all immigrants.
Shutting down the media, with the exception of faux news, will be the end of us.

Not with a bang but a tweet.

Well said Bertold

The insane liar thinks he will bring us all together. If that happens it will be in a fight against him.

I agree it's a very dangerous situation. OK a side note I'm really kinda pissed that our native brothers and sisters are treated like foreigners in their own home. When the fuck will we treat the "reservations" as sovereign land, and offer them a seat at the table.

my mother told me she thought that my grandfather might have had some Cherokee in his family. That makes me officially one millionth American Indian. (If she was correct but ill claim it). The whole reservation thing just pisses me off. We are kind enough to "reserve" land for native Americans. Wow we are so generous. On the other hand I am not responsible for what my stupid bigoted European ancestors did. We are indeed in a new world, more appropriately new era. It is a very difficult task to reconcile the past and deal with the modern world. No doubt dealing with the "Savages" was a purely Christian, manifest destiny load of crap. My step mother and sisters are obviously, visibly,Choctaw. I do feel for my native American brothers and sisters. That being said I am also due to no fault of my own Native American by if nothing else by birth. The important thing here is that we proceed without religious or continued nationalism and bury what is left of our native American heritage. I once dated a Washoe woman and asked to learn their ways. She told me the elders would not permit it. Her children were halfbreeds according to them. I told her if they didn't teach others soon all would be lost. She asked what I meant. In said your children are halfbreeds what is the chance your grandchildren will be a quarter Washoe? Will their be any elders to teach them would they be willing? Thankfully, Pence will do his best to make this a non issue, in his world they will grow up Christian and believe in flood stories.

I am half Mexican, half Scottish (I think), I don't really care about such things though. To me regardless they are family, we're all brothers and sisters. We are all human. I agree with you, its  such a shallow thing. Look at the history of christian lies and betrayals, why do we keep perpetuating it? why do we continue to fight their holy war in the middle east, why do sign treaties and not honor them. You know, I'm not the kind of person to hate our country, I am simply disappointed. We can be better, we must be better.

I don't care so much about making "reparations" to the past, or crying over it. I can acknowledge history without fear or shame, as it was not I who committed those shameful acts. I care far more about what we do now, that is what defines us. If I fail to right these wrongs, then I am no better.

Lets be a better people.


I need to mention that for the most part, it was the Christians that gave themselves reason to take the land from our American Indians. Somehow they managed to get weak interpretation from their Bible that North America was destined to be taken over by White Christians.

Anybody, please correct me if I am wrong.

As for family backgrounds goes, my siblings and I are of European mix. After that we have African American, Mexican/Filipino, Chinese, Korean, infantile redneck, and a Trump spatz.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a mongrel, Heinz 57 red blooded American. I am very white in appearance but who knows what coal black ancestors I may have. Didn't we all start out as Africans? The truth is we are human. Modern scientists take issue with the very idea of race. We are all human. Our main concern here is that there is enough bigotry and racism without religion. It is important that we realize we are all human and do our best to make sure religion does not complicate the issue further. Cheers fellow mutt!!!



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