Look, I know in every generation they think its always getting worse than it was (which is rarely backed up by the data),

But I'm curious, does everyone else here feel like the insanity is growing? Or do ya'll think the issue is we're simply becoming more aware of all the insanity that has been laying under the surface all this time.

Or do ya'll think its all just the same shit different day and not much has changed?

For me in my lifetime, some of this stuff really seems to be more out there than I ever would have imagined possible.

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I think things have went more crazy. Modern communication media has allowed us to do this but the shift in thought and entertainment is more than apparent. I'm a dinosaur that wakes up daily in a strange new world that seems completely full of batshit. Many things are hard for me to understand.

Take the coal miners in West Virginia who thought Trump would bring back their coal mining days. OK, the mining of coal is done today by machines and is faster, cheaper, and easier that way. Why would anyone think this is going to change? Why would the big companies want to lose money?

The world stage is being set right now for "alternative facts" and "fake news." There has always been some of this but today those that do not want to face a fact of some kind pass it off as one of the other - fake news or an alternative fact. People are starting to use these 2 terms when writing a comment on some article or news story. Let's hope the fact checkers continue to do their jobs. My take on it all is that the idea is to confuse us so we do not know what is really going on.

This is just one area of batshit crazy but it is what Cheeto and his friends are trying to do to us. We face being screwed by god one more time and many will get on that band wagon. If you believe any of what has been said the Orange One thinks we should be able to use our nuclear weapons. Things are scary and more crazy as the rich get richer.

I quite agree

I suspect, though I can't back this up yet. That possibly a majority of our species has always been no different than the politicians. They all always were amoral liars. Yet if one was too obvious about it they would get smacked down, not just by those honest individuals who value intellectual honesty, but also by fellow amoral liars who feared becoming targets of factual information.

The Tangerine in Chief then may have by normalizing blatant lies, and self delusion, set the people free from any remaining bonds they had with reality creating a domino effect. People feel free to voice the delusions they hold deep down inside, delusions that have never really been challenged. Those delusions have only been voiced in whispers by our crazy old grandpa, and written off as simply the bizarre rantings of old age. 

We learn now that secretly those views held a special place in people's hearts, in far greater number than we ever imagined. The stresses of being sold out to the elite wealthy oligarch made many desperate, they latched on to the only things they could think of, the sense of their stability, the delusions they had been hiding from the world their entire lives.

Now I am well aware that all of this really only applies to a minority of our fellow citizens, at least when looking at those who support President Drumpf, however there are those on our own side who have also latched onto dangerous delusions as well. We must remember when fighting the crazy in the world we must always battle the potential for crazy in ourselves as well. We must also remember that there are various degrees of separation from reality, many were simply fooled ever so slightly and upon seeing how quickly things are getting out of hand will come back to our sides, realizing why a balance was maintained for so long.

This is of course my personal crazy rantings, but I hope you enjoy them, I hope they are thought provoking, and I make no claims as to accuracy this is just an initial reflection on what we see unfolding around us.

I'm pretty good friends with one of the members of my local school board, but seeing as our school district is one building with about 20 students in total.....

thank you for your advice, I'll consider it for sure!

Those twenty students deserve an excellent, reality-based education, as do children everywhere!

A few of the parents may have me tutor their kids in computer science this summer, they kinda know I'm not like them (cat's out of the bag at this stage), So I don't know if they'll let an Atheist tutor teach them anything.

I've been pretty clear though I am only concerned with science and teaching it objectively nothing else.

BenGee, I think we are all just as human as we were two or perhaps ten thousand years ago, the good and the bad. One very great thing that has and is changing is knowledge and technology which is growing at an exponential rate. Social media has replaced the news media in just the last decade. The internet is now more important than television. We now not only have the power to do much greater good, but also the power to become much more dangerous. We will experience much growing pains as a species as our knowledge, information, and thus power to change and influence the world increases. We are no crazier than before we just have the ability to do much crazier things. We also do have much more exposure to those who do crazy things.
In the end we are still just as human, just as wise or incompetent as ever. My question is how as a species will we handle it?

Well said! thank you Compelled :)

It has never came down to having an insane liar in the oval office. Liars we've had plenty of but not insane liars. Hate crimes keep rising as does anti immigrant rhetoric. Unless everyone on american soil is native american then we are all immigrants.
Shutting down the media, with the exception of faux news, will be the end of us.

Not with a bang but a tweet.

Well said Bertold

The insane liar thinks he will bring us all together. If that happens it will be in a fight against him.



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