Look, I know in every generation they think its always getting worse than it was (which is rarely backed up by the data),

But I'm curious, does everyone else here feel like the insanity is growing? Or do ya'll think the issue is we're simply becoming more aware of all the insanity that has been laying under the surface all this time.

Or do ya'll think its all just the same shit different day and not much has changed?

For me in my lifetime, some of this stuff really seems to be more out there than I ever would have imagined possible.

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About the word 'race' and its definition..was it coined by Karl Marx?

I'll have to look that up. But the scientific classification system would have all of us as one race. And hating a dog just because the mother was a dog is also silly. Hating aliens (if we ever met them) because they aren't from Earth is also stupid. Look of you want a reason to hate someone you don't need to judge them on the color of their skin or anything else like that. Just wait for them to open their mouths, if your goal is hate you'll find a reason to hate anything and everything they say. But at least then it wouldn't be totally arbitrary.

You're quite right, just like we're still fighting the fucking crusades for Christians, a stupid holy war that's been going on hundreds of years now.

You're not crazy, it's getting crazier.

Nice - thanks for posting.

I think we can forgive W.B. his religious references. He was a card-carrying member of the Golden Dawn occult society. Synchronistically I was just reading Paul Watzlawick, who referred to a "vague concept of order which, depending on the reader's philosophical preference, may be called reality, nature, fate or God.

At least now maybe we know the answer to Yeats's question What rough beast . . . slouches toward Bethlehem to be born? Who knew it would be an orange Orangutan?.



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