Look, I know in every generation they think its always getting worse than it was (which is rarely backed up by the data),

But I'm curious, does everyone else here feel like the insanity is growing? Or do ya'll think the issue is we're simply becoming more aware of all the insanity that has been laying under the surface all this time.

Or do ya'll think its all just the same shit different day and not much has changed?

For me in my lifetime, some of this stuff really seems to be more out there than I ever would have imagined possible.

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Objectively we're all plummeting down a sinkhole of crazy. Consider not just fake news, and a gaslighting US government administration, but how entertainment values and audience manipulation tricks have taken over the culture.

We didn't expect the planet's climate to turn against us either, but ta-dah!

I would have expected the planets climate to turn against us. I don't think I ever once in my entire life assumed otherwise. Though I'm only 36 and by the time I came along there was certainly reasonable evidence  for why it was happening, even if most people around me at the time refused to understand it.

I'm glad I brought a chuckle to you Ruth :)

I wake up every day feeling like I was suddenly dropped into a fictional dystopian world. The only thing I can think to do to cope is laugh, but maybe that makes me the most crazy one of all......

BenGee, as far as generational concerns, the current president and some of the top US staff are baby boomer or even pre baby boomer.  The president is a draft dodger, born very rich who got even richer by screwing over working people, who working people adore.  Apparently, the political party that traditionally distrusted the USSR is in love with the former KGB leader who is their current authoritarian tzar.   It is not a generational thing, it went from bat shit crazy to way beyond diagnosable bonkers.  What is crazier than batshit?  I don't know, but these times are it.  It's surreal.

Thank you Daniel,

You bring up a point I've long thought about, but never voiced. Why do we have the age requirement on the office of the president. I understand people in the past mistakenly thought older people are somehow smarter or wiser than younger people, when in reality they are just old. Experience is a function of intelligence more than time, for instance a very stupid person with a wealth of  years under their belt can only gain wisdom in direct proportion to their ability to analyze their past and actually GAIN wisdom from it. Age plays no factor at that point, a highly intelligent person gains wisdom at an exponential rate at that point correct?

Wouldn't a better system be one open to people of any age with a special position for an adviser who can provide historical context?

We let people with absolutely no concept of the world we live in run our lives. By that I mean baby boomers ideas of what the world is like is so divorced from reality stuck in a past that in computer years is 100's of years in the past (just an illustration). How could we expect ANY of these people to understand our struggles when they still think you can get a good job with nothing more than a High School Diploma? There are very few in the baby boomer generation that can even come close to being able to understand or relate to the world we millennials actually inhabit. It would be similar to trying to elect James Madison as president in the 1950's and expect him to be able to make sound judgments on a world he can't possibly understand.

BenGee, the constitution requires that one be 35 years old to be president.  I really don't think that's too heinous a requirement.  I wouldn't want to open up to a constitutional convention to change requirements, because that would open up every aspect of the constitution, and there are way too many idealogues who could totally screw it up.  An amendment would be the other option, but I don't think the country would go for that either.

BenGee, a more important point, is the president should be able to show he or she is not mentally ill.  It was often rumored that Reagan had Alzheimers by his 2nd term, and basically let others run the country in his name.  The current president appears mentally unstable as well.  Like him or not, agree or disagree on ideological points, he does not appear to me, fit to be president.  I think he probably has a psychiatric diagnosis more specific than bat shit bonkers.  Maye he has syphilitic psychosis, like Idi Amin had, and Hitler and Lenin are suspected to have had?  Far fetched, but as you note these are far fetched times.

You know, after I wrote that I checked and noticed, you're right its only 35 and I guess that isn't so bad. I had forgotten since I've gotten accustomed to seeing only geriatric patients run for president (flavorful language but I'm sure you get my meaning).

I agree with you that our current Tangerine in Chief show's many disturbing indications of mental illness. I would also agree that it's likely a more pressing issue. However I still think my point that we only get options of people so far removed from our generational experience that it's a problem worth discussing.

Edit* To be clear, we're the one's who have to live in the world the baby boomers fucked up and continue to fuck up with their half baked crazy ideas and worldviews (no offense intended to the sensible baby boomers here that I hold in high regard, I don't think anyone can deny though there's a lot of baby boomers fucking things up for everyone).

I am also aware that there's a lot of millennials who have some pretty messed up ideas too, however I'm more concerned with the crazy people in power than the crazy people who are just annoying and kinda stupid.

BenGee, I agree with you.  One more point from this old guy before he turns in - my state has caucus primaries, so you actually get to see who is voting in your precinct, and for whom.  In my precinct, millenials and GenXs turned out in big numbers, and went for Sanders in a big way.  Overwhelming majority.  I can't speak for other districts, and I don't know if the national and local election results are available by age group and who they voted for.  With that caveat - this last presidential election was won by a small number of voters in a few states.  I think the difference between the two in Florida was something like 70.000 voters.  I think millennials could have swung the election if they turned out in big numbers.  I don't know if legislatures of Red States would change that much, but borderline states probably would, if the younger voters turned out in a big way.  Maybe that will change, but it takes voter turnout and motivation, and candidates that appeal to those voters.  That's part of why Obama won, and part of why Clinton lost.  Obama had charisma, and Clinton had something like reverse-charisma, for the generation that really mattered.

Now this old guy is off to bed.  Have a great evening!

I was with Bernie, dispite his age he clearly had the most sound ideas from my perspective. I would also fully support Elizabeth Warren, if only she would back up her amazing words with her fucking vote. That's the one thing that disappoints me so much, she says great things in opposing bad ideas, but then FUCKING votes in favor of the bad idea! Gahhhhhhh Elizabeth WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY you could be so great if you just stood on your impeccable principles!

Hillary was at best a lesser of two evils, and that's not saying much.

Have a good sleep, and I agreed with the rest of your comment too so far as I think you make a good point. 

Thank you for your thoughts

I voted for Hillary but regret it.  In retrospect, I think Sanders was a better choice as far as populist appeal, legitimacy, and baggage.  Sanders also has some charisma, which Clinton utterly lacks.

I voted for Sanders in the primaries, and for Hillary in the Presidential election. 

While I think  Sanders was a candidate for the people, when the final choice was between Clinton and Trump, Clinton was not only the lesser of two evils, but also had better practical skills for the job.

Gary, I agree with you totally. One thing that went bad for Hillary is she didn't take the coal miners and their jobs seriously. tRump told them he would bring their jobs back. Coal is mined more efficiently by machine today and it saves money. Why would anyone believe men with picks, shovels, etc. would ever be needed again? I run onto people every day that think tRump can snap his fingers and just do anything.

There are a lot of CONSERVATIVE baby boomers fucking things up because they are simple-minded thinkers.  If one thinks that the most important theories in science are matters of opinion, it's a small step to thinking established facts are matters of opinion.  Trump's lizard brain thinks it can invent a new reality.



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