Anyone having anxiety problem or had it before ?

I had career issue coz i had anxiety problem since when i was in school. I had this problem for 10 years.I never took any medications.I dont know what was going on with me those days.I use to be in home mostly playing video games.Slowly i was recovering from anxiety.I don't know how.It just happened automatically.I could able to feel that.Last year(2010) its completely gone.Its good that i dont have anxiety anymore.But the damage has been done.I mean,as i had it for 10 years,i cant able to study anything or go to work and cant able to meet people of my similar interests.So now as i dont have anxiety anymore,I joined a course and studied.This is not much of anything as this is only 3 month.I want to study another course which is nearly for a year.But the situation now is like i have to work.So i dont know if i can able to study that course
someday or not.If iam like now before,i would be on Top.No doubt that i would have studied something better or would have been in a good job.I didnt do any mistake in my view.I can't blame myself that i wasted many days coz i had anxiety.Its human nature.The few people and the relatives who know me would have thought that i wantedly wasted many days without studying or going to work.I know very well how they think.Many of those people are backstabbers.I dont care what they think coz i only know my problem.They dont have that much knowledge to understand that i had anxiety.First of all they dont know the meaning of anxiety.There are many extroverted people who use to blame the people who have anxiety.All they will say is- Go out and socialize.They just can't understand about the anxiety coz they dont have it,so they can't feel it.There are some extroverted people who understands this and won't blame the people who have anxiety.But many others blame.I don't have any friend.I never met a person of my similar interests.I dont use to keep friends for timepass like some people do.I always like a lifelong friendship.

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Life seems easyer for some people. Idk if they are particularly anxious or not. Life is filled w plenty to be anxious about, tho if one is too anxious then one cannot get on w living very well. Good luck w your dealing w it.
I think i've always had it. Certain things are much worse. Fine dining is a nightmare for me; also wedding receptions. I can grocery shop with no problem. I just think i don't like being enclosed with strangers, it makes me go nuts. I'm a musician, and stopped playing live, even though that was limited. I always make excuses, but i'm starting to understand that it's just the way i am. It's probably why i ended up working outside by myself (lawn biz). I've always wondered if i should try to change it through exposure therapy, or just work around it. The truth is that i'm not concerned with places that i'm not comfortable in, so i guess i've decided to not worry about it.


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