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No, but I know lots more who've gone the opposite way!

Well that is very strange.

Having listened to her I think it likely she is a fraud-was always a believer.

I had the same thought but I wasn't familiar with this blogger.

exactly what i was thinking

My conclusion, too, Glen.  And just possibly a Vatican plant.

I agree, and when ever someone "switches sides" in such a public fashion, I cannot help but think money is involved somehow.

A "prominent" atheist blogger who hardly anyone has heard of.


Her blog is not good reading at all..

She strikes me as an opportunist attention troll that fakes whatever is expedient.  As eric noted, she is outnumbered by the exodus going in the other direction. 

some good comments on her here

Never heard of her. She is certainly not "prominent" in the atheist community. The religious-leaning media, like CNN (if you think CNN is neutral on religion, type Paula Zahn Now Atheist into a Google search and prepare to be angered), of course pounce on this "prominent" tag provided by the religious blog she posts to. I cannot track down any of her blogs from when she was supposedly an atheist, but judging by her conversion talk, I'd say that she never really was an atheist. She is just too fluent in Catholic-speak to be believable as someone who just stumbled upon Catholicism and thought it was nice. The religionists, especially the Catholics, are going nuts over this, in part because the majority of the traffic in the last couple of decades has been going the other way. Catholics are leaving the church in droves, with a large percentage of them choosing "no faith" (like Julia Sweeney at one time, they fear the "a" word). The religionists may want to believe that her "conversion" is a major blow to active secularists, but it will just pass in a couple of months. Our numbers will swell; theirs will dwindle.

Actually, in the CNN interview, she comes off as really lame.  She can't give any -logical- reasons why she was an atheist, much less why she changed.  Her transformation came off like a person giving up Lay's Potato Chips for the baked variety.  Really silly.  She came off as low I.Q. and just plan silly.




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