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She's not even listed as prominent in the blog site she uses. She's listed nowhere in their top 10 Atheist bloggers using the same website. I don't know anybody that had ever heard of her before. Also, apparently people had been telling her since she started blogging that she sounded more Christian than Atheist.

Libresco is just switching the side she thinks the facts are on.

What "facts?!?"

And no, I haven't heard of her, and as I've opined elsewhere, I would be very dubious of the foundation of her atheism if she's not only switching sides, but going to what is probably the LEAST supportable branch of christianity out there. This strikes me as being an "Anthony Flew" kind of moment, and I have no doubt that the christers out there are going to attempt to make all sorts of mileage out of her conversion. Meanwhile, The Clergy Project is bringing all sorts of people to OUR side of the fence and the believers are still picking their jaws up from THAT business.

If Leah wants to be stupid, she can go ahead and be stupid and I won't stop her. Somehow, I suspect the quality of her blogging is going to suffer, though.

Evolution is based on fact; religion on fear, myth, and superstition. It is just that simple.

Atheist turns catholic???? and this is news on CNN??? oh my, have they run out of 911 conspiracy theories?

Not just "Atheist turns catholic" but "Top atheist blogger turns catholic," according to the link on the front page of  Now if this was PZ Myers or AronRa or someone like that, I'd say their headline was on point.

As it is, it smells like sensationalism in the news media - Yuk, TOOEY!

Well, it was over the weekend. Only big news on was Jerry Sandusky's conviction.

How I long for the days when we had a little journalistic integrity... prominent... I'm sorry who?


Never heard of her, never read any blogs from her, never saw her featured in any of the atheist meetings, and she talks like someone who has never argued for our side. 

Other than the CNN pimps touting her on their "Faces of Superstition" segment on Sunday morning(Oh, excuse me - "Faces of Faith:), never heard of her.

Never heard of this person but i wouldnt worry about it. we dont need to give her free publicity.

This woman is about as hokey as S. E. Cupp. 


And, nope, never heard of her.




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