Anyone Read This Letter Knocking Atheists published in an Alaskan Newspaper?

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Typical religious idiot spouting hate with no evidence to back up his claims. On the other hand, we have quite a bit of evidence that most religions do more harm than good.
I'd like to tell this person, "You give me to money to move to a secular nation that has a much better life style, and I'll do it."

"But you must believe?!?"  SAYS WHO???  Dear Ms. Shannon makes a lot of noise here, but I'd bet she can't cite one instance where atheism has been the agency or the foundational reason for a tragedy.  What you have there is a mindless rant from someone who hasn't the first idea about the subject of atheism.  I'd bet money that she doesn't know atheist number one.

I am reminded of a letter to the editor in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, regarding local billboards portraying atheists as ordinary people, and my answer to the straw man painted by that letter's writer.  How well would Alice respond to a well-composed counterargument?  My guess is: not well.

Yeah, true, Bertold.  It amounts to little more than a rant from someone who knows damned little about the topic of said rant. [shrug]

Its always the super devout who judge us the hardest, with no knowledge of us or interest in learning.

They're scared shitless that our ideas appeal to them.....  the preachers tell them not to notice anything outside their beliefs.

Yes, don't question, don't read anything not approved of, don't this, don't that, don't the other.......

 Wow! I just submitted an opinon piece to the local newspaper here in Oregon that stated that as an atheist I supported some students that had been discriminated against....The editor would not publish it! I do now know the editor is a Christian so I will seek other newspapers! The reason I mention this is what would it look l;ike if we switched the words Christian an atheist in this opinion piece? Would there not be an outcry?

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1978 - 1993 over 800 abortion clinics were bombed. 

1979 a ”religious wave” focused on Islam.

1980 Christian Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon. 

1981 the Army of God began attacking abortion clinics and doctors.  

The Christian Identity, Lambs of Christ, and Christian Patriot movements began.

1993 attacks on abortion clinics killed at least 11 people.

1993 Shelley Shannon shot and wounded Dr. George Tiller.

1996 Eric Robert Rudolph, a Christian, bombed the Centennial Olympic Park.

1996, three Christian men, Charles Barbee, Robert Berry, and Jay Merelle robbed and bombed two banks, a Spokane newspaper, and a Planned Parenthood office in Washington State. 

1998 James Kopp murdered Dr. Barnett Slepian.

1999, Concerned Christians planned an attack on holy sites in Jerusalem.

The Covenant, The Sword, the Arm of the Lord, Defensive Action, Montana Freemen, and Christian Militia formed. 

1999 white supremacists murdered Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder, two gay men. 

2009 a Christian, Scott Roeder, murdered Dr. George Tiller. 

2010  the Christian Warriors plotted to murder police officers using illegal explosives and firearms. 

2015 Robert Lewis Dear killed three and injured nine. He stated, ”sinners” would ”burn in hell” during the end times. He praised the Army of God who attacked abortion clinics doing ”God’s work.” 

2016, Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright, and Patrick Eugene Stein called themselves ”Crusaders” plotted to bomb, attack, and mass shoot Muslim immigrants. 

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”I don’t care if they have never committed a crime, atheists are the reason crime is rampant.”

An atheist who is honest, dependable, reliable, and who cares for the suffering of others is not eligible to enter heaven and be redeemed by the blood sacrifice of a man named Jesus.

In the 1860s groups of former Christian Confederate soldiers organized the KKK as a social group that engaged in arson, beatings, destruction of property, lynchings, murders, rape, tar-and-feathered, whipped and intimidated blacks. 

In 1915 a Protestant-led group formed to persecute those who did not share their beliefs. They targeted Roman Catholics and Jews. They intended to establish Protestant Christian values on U.S. citizen by ”any means possible.” They believed Jesus was the first Klansman.

A Dominionist ideology insisted that ”Christians are called by god to rebuild society on Christian values, to subjugate the earth, and establish dominion over all things.”  They used political violence to impose their version of Christianity on other Christians and non-Christians. 

In 2018 Marckles Alcius deliberately crashed a stolen truck into Planned Parenthood clinic, injuring three, including a pregnant woman. 

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”Our currency even says, ‘In God We Trust.’ 

In 1864, "In God We Trust" first appeared on the two-cent piece. In 1957 it appeared on paper currency. Why do you suppose these words appeared in 1864 and 1957? What was going on the country during these times? Why did the words not appear before these two dates? 

”Atheists have cause the ruin of this great nation by taking prayer out of our schools and being able to practice what can only be called evil.”

Scapegoats need to exist to have religion exist. Scapegoating occurs all through religious history, from ancient times of killing a goat to erase the sins of the people, to killing a man to erase the sins of the people. Religion requires a scapegoat, first to put the fear-of-god into the people, and second to put the hope of redemption into otherwise sad, drab, and unhappy lives. 

Religion lies at the core of many wars and some wars originate in the fear people have of being controlled by those who hold different beliefs than they. 




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