Anyone Read This Letter Knocking Atheists published in an Alaskan Newspaper?

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Typical religious idiot spouting hate with no evidence to back up his claims. On the other hand, we have quite a bit of evidence that most religions do more harm than good.
I'd like to tell this person, "You give me to money to move to a secular nation that has a much better life style, and I'll do it."

"But you must believe?!?"  SAYS WHO???  Dear Ms. Shannon makes a lot of noise here, but I'd bet she can't cite one instance where atheism has been the agency or the foundational reason for a tragedy.  What you have there is a mindless rant from someone who hasn't the first idea about the subject of atheism.  I'd bet money that she doesn't know atheist number one.

I am reminded of a letter to the editor in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, regarding local billboards portraying atheists as ordinary people, and my answer to the straw man painted by that letter's writer.  How well would Alice respond to a well-composed counterargument?  My guess is: not well.

>can't cite one instance where atheism has been the agency or the foundational reason for a tragedy.

Loren, you assume too much methinks. She could give a shit about cause and effect. The depth of ignorance required to believe that lack of organized prayer in schools is the reason we have crime precludes any possibility of objective reasoning. (It also makes for good Republicans.)

Christian sharia, pure and simple.

Yeah, true, Bertold.  It amounts to little more than a rant from someone who knows damned little about the topic of said rant. [shrug]

Its always the super devout who judge us the hardest, with no knowledge of us or interest in learning.

They're scared shitless that our ideas appeal to them.....  the preachers tell them not to notice anything outside their beliefs.

Yes, don't question, don't read anything not approved of, don't this, don't that, don't the other.......




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