Anyone Read This Letter Knocking Atheists published in an Alaskan Newspaper?

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”Our currency even says, ‘In God We Trust.’ 

In 1864, "In God We Trust" first appeared on the two-cent piece. In 1957 it appeared on paper currency. Why do you suppose these words appeared in 1864 and 1957? What was going on the country during these times? Why did the words not appear before these two dates? 

”Atheists have cause the ruin of this great nation by taking prayer out of our schools and being able to practice what can only be called evil.”

Scapegoats need to exist to have religion exist. Scapegoating occurs all through religious history, from ancient times of killing a goat to erase the sins of the people, to killing a man to erase the sins of the people. Religion requires a scapegoat, first to put the fear-of-god into the people, and second to put the hope of redemption into otherwise sad, drab, and unhappy lives. 

Religion lies at the core of many wars and some wars originate in the fear people have of being controlled by those who hold different beliefs than they. 

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Letters to the Editor

”Reader voices strong opinion on atheists”

”It’s time to stomp out atheists in America.”

This is the response so familiar from believers, chase them out, stomp them down, kill them because non-believers do not hold the same beliefs as those who believe in superstition, myths, fairy tales, and fables. 

”The United States is based on having freedom of religion …”

An individual has to believe in god or else, no discussion, no negotiation, no compromise, just believe or his or her loving god condemns the non-believer to eternity burning in hell along with all the other good and decent people who live exemplary lives but do not believe in A god or THE  god. 

What happens to those who believe in the Roman Catholic god, or the Protestant god, or the Mormon god, or the Islamic god, or the Aztec god, or a Chinese god, or a Hindu god, or a whole myriad of other gods known to human beings? All the "sacred rituals" of Christianity, the virgin birth, death, and resurrection come directly from other religions popular about the time of Jesus.

I was once at an educational product fair in Soldotna. Our sales manager was explaining to attendees how the company tried to be sensitive to diversity in designing the product. Another Alice in the crowd responded, "We didn't move up here for diversity."

That sentiment is also common among Trump and the Republicans who are working to eliminate diversity visas (a.k.a. the green card lottery). Only those who are white enough and Christian enough (despite being descendants of immigrant families) can live here in the US.

Alice Shannon certainly has a lot to learn. Her words "but you must believe" back up her ideas that America was founded to gain "freedom of religion." I guess her preacher or her religion told her this. Study a little bit please. Alice Shannon certainly has a lot to learn.


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