Anyone watching the History channel's new show about ancient aliens?

Does anyone find this production as intresting as I do. I think it points out a very deep, thought- provoking concept, that can not easily be discounted!!. As crazy and sci-fi as it sounds, it makes more sense than any of the organized religions! There are refrences to things in the Bible that theoretically could be visitors from space. It also examines prehistoric drawings, and gods from pre-monotheistic times that the ancients claim descended from the stars--literally!  It is a very well produced, researced, and entertaining series.  


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I despise this show for being poorly researched and contrived and for being presented in such a one sided approach. It's a serious disservice to suggest our ancestors were incapable of doing the things they did, such as transporting stones of great weight.
An example of the shoddy reasoning they employ, they take ancient depictions of what could be stingrays or stylized birds or insects, point out they resemble jet airplanes, and then attempt to create a replica that is capable of flying. They claim it can fly with just a few minor tweaks. Those tweaks happen to be shaping the wings into wings capable of sustaining lift, when the ancient depiction was a straight angled triangle incapable of flight.

I can see why this theory is intriguing, when i was a teenager I thought it made a lot of sense, but the more you learn about human development and history, the more preposterous it becomes. If aliens of an advanced society aided us, we would have more to show for it than what you would expect from purely natural developments. Why did they have us using stone instead of polymers and alloys? Why teach us to create or build things at all? There was no point or use for these objects other than being a bit awe inspiring and religiously stirring. They could have shown us applications for improving life, but instead construct things with no other use than being impressive?

Also, consider what ancients thought they saw at night looking at the sky, what do you think they would interpret a comet to look like up close? The depictions of chariots in the sky does nothing but show people were able to illustrate myths and legends.
Jim DePaulo wrote: "Further, if the alledged aliens have been studying us since Ramses was a corporal then they are damn slow learners."

Ain't THAT the truth?!
I would compare the alleged observation of humans by advanced aliens to be similar to our study of the natural world, the logic would be that they are watching a society develop, which takes thousands of years. So it's the least of issues I would cite out of all this radical conjecture to be critical of. If they were watching us, of course they would be watching the way we develop, not out of some need to learn a specific point of knowledge and then move on with their business.
That would mean they have been on the job for around 5000+ years just studying us. That seems to be more than a bit obsessive even for some really strange aliens.
and then move on with their business.
After 5000 years that would seem prudent.
No I haven't, but not for lack of wanting to - can't get it where I live without paying big money for cable.


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