Anyone watching the History channel's new show about ancient aliens?

Does anyone find this production as intresting as I do. I think it points out a very deep, thought- provoking concept, that can not easily be discounted!!. As crazy and sci-fi as it sounds, it makes more sense than any of the organized religions! There are refrences to things in the Bible that theoretically could be visitors from space. It also examines prehistoric drawings, and gods from pre-monotheistic times that the ancients claim descended from the stars--literally!  It is a very well produced, researced, and entertaining series.  


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LMAO that's what Robin Williams said - " you come all that distance just to look up my ass?!"
Incidentally, that's how ranchers "milk" bulls. They stick an electric rod up the bull's anus and run a current through. This comment has got not much to do with aliens and anal probes, except that perhaps that's how they do it as well.
I am seriously tired of History channel it use to be about history, now its compiled of crack pots and there off the wall theories. I did watch it because I am not 100% of anything, and I like to hear the supposed reasoning for this conclusion. I can't believe that any rational person would actually consider the evidence they presented as compelling. It was skeptical at best.
I am seriously tired of History channel it use to be about history
Amen Brother Bob! Sad but true between such informative fare as 2012 Dooms day, Nostradamus, Biblical hot spots, Revelation Horror, Ghost hunters, UFO's and Aliens ad nauseum. They sprinkle between with such gems as Ice Road Truckers, Guys cutting lumber in a swamp and a quest for Big Foot and his fairy tale friends -WTF, I'd settle for 40% history..
Stephen Hawkins has warned that we may be wise not to be advertizing our presences as we don't know what kind of intelligence might hear us - they could be hostile and aggressive.
the bible proves ancient alien involvement with human development

Brilliant analysis. Then there is Ezekial, ole Zeke saw them saucer things - landed in his wheat field, Zeke thinks maybe they feed off wheat. Now that I think on it Zeke walked funny for a couple days...hummm..
Hawkings is paranoid, and most of the scientific community agrees on that :).

The Fermi paradox can demonstrate any race with the level of technology needed for interstellar travel would probably destroy itself long before ever reaching that level unless it was able to overcome the primitive violence and psychology that would drive a species to be hostile or aggressive to us. It does not make sense. A species could harness dynamic programmable matter long before folding time and space, they would have no need to pursue resources when they could create them from thin air.

This is all probability and open to debate of course, but Hawkings should know better than to be such a fear monger.
While I contend that it's statistically near impossible that intelligent life doesn't exist elsewhere in the universe... I also contend that we have not made contact. Not yet at least.

For a species to make an effort to travel light years just to get here, this implies that they would have a vested interest in the planet. A vested interest would imply a willingness to interfere, especially considering what the majority of our species is ignorantly doing to this planet.

Yet there is no interference.

The same argument can be applied to a god. If a god had a vested interest in us, we would have statistical anomalies implying interference. Because there are none, clearly there are no gods, or at least none that care in the least as to what happens here.

One day, probably not in our life time, we will communicate with another species. Likely it will be a signal from deep space, and will take decades if not centuries just to send a reply back. I'm not holding my breath.
when bad headlines are abundant you'll get that stuff; on the flipside there's a sighting I had 9am-ish a few days after NASA? launched the mini-unmanned shuttle, military?

check it out (got it late in the track)

you can see the airliner and the object (looked like a reflectant white morphing, tumbling object)
strange thing is supposedly the shuttle was tracking an unknown object between it and the Earth.
It hung around for about 15-20 minutes.

I realize the thing looks like a star, lame pic etc. but..
that thing was looking pretty big, rectangular and stationary, then moved on... weird. South/West
MMMMMMMmmmm.....Brain putty.
I enjoyed "The Universe" and "Ancient Discoveries". And sometimes I like to watch MonsterQuest just for shits and giggles. But I don't think the (psuedo)History Channel can really claim to actually be about history anymore.
Outside of the topic of exo-terra life,
I had a realization.

If I had come up with a lift engine that could perform the way the fabled UFO's can perform... I wouldn't be merely handing it off to a corporation, I'd likely build myself a craft in secret and go anywhere I want on earth knowing I'm untouchable and can explore at will.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone had already done this.


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