Anyone watching the History channel's new show about ancient aliens?

Does anyone find this production as intresting as I do. I think it points out a very deep, thought- provoking concept, that can not easily be discounted!!. As crazy and sci-fi as it sounds, it makes more sense than any of the organized religions! There are refrences to things in the Bible that theoretically could be visitors from space. It also examines prehistoric drawings, and gods from pre-monotheistic times that the ancients claim descended from the stars--literally!  It is a very well produced, researced, and entertaining series.  


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"'Anyone find this production as interesting as I do?."

Well,l did,the first time I came across it ,in 1971 for a few months.

Yes,it's interesting as fiction and no,it doesn't make any sense at all if you apply basic critical thinking skills,and demand evidence rather than supposition and wild conjecture posing as evidence. Might also be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the concept of "Occam's razor"

One of the more common logical fallacies used by the charlatans and semi literate autodidacts who promote that drivel is 'argument from incredulity'. (aka argument from ignorance)
IE "I 'lack the knowledge,intelligence or imagination to think of anything else,therefore God/aliens did it"

I suppose I may sound harsh,I don't mean to, this rubbish appears with monotonous regularity every few years even though thoroughly debunked in the 1970's. There is NO EVIDENCE to support the claims which are as loopy as anything found in any major religion.
Agreed, they have just recycled the crap from the last few iterations and used a new voice over. If I never hear Eric Van Daniken's bullshit rehash again it will be to soon. Yes there are apparent objects flying about the sky that can't be identified which is why they called them UNIDENTIFIED, but the default answer isn't the "Greys" coming for a probe festival.
If 0.01% of the sitings were aliens then the earth would have to be considered a galactic tourist trap. As with religious claims there has to be real examinable evidence or it's nonsense.
Further, if the alledged aliens have been studying us since Ramses was a corporal then they are damn slow learners
It's funny how the fact that something is disproven doesn't slow it down in the slightest. Spontaneous human combustion--has an explanation (yet I still remember learning about it in a "Phenomena!" book in reading class). Crop Circles--people confessed to the hoax. Other "proof" of phenomena, like the Loch Ness, was also proven a hoax. People ignore or forget or just plain aren't even aware of the disprove--like it's in fine print.
I've been watching. I find the UFO subject hard to ignore. There are too many credible people, i.e. police, pilots, military personnel, air craft controllers etc who have had sightings and experiences that cannot be explained any other way. Have we been visited in the past, why not? We cannot comprehend the technology a civilization that is thousands of years ahead of us may have. I believe they have been here in the past and their here now. Their not gods, just advanced beings.
Despite your belief there is no credible physical evidence that would establish that aliens have ever been on this planet - wishful thinking don't make it so.
Yes there are some mysterious sitings but that doesn't automaticaly mean aliens.
Aw, why wouldn't an advanced species travel millions of light years just to probe anuses of humans and cows? D;

Personally, I keep hoping they'll abduct me and impregnate me with Elvis' DNA. XD
Anal probing is proof of an advanced civilization with superior intellectual development. I suspect that they were attracting the best and the brightest from ancient Israel, using this method. That is why the ancient Hebrews were so against it - they were losing their greatest talents. Again, proof of the existence for ancient aliens.

Maybe you have already been impregnated with Elvis DNA - have you had any memory lapses recently?
I still hate bananas with a passion. >.>
Of course you all have it wrong, Jeebus didn't ascend into Heaven as the ancients thought. He was, in fact, drawn up to a saucer with a tractor beam by aliens and flash frozen. The aliens have now returned with the Jeebusicle, they will thaw him and build him a great arena/temple. The world's Xtians will then assemble in that grand, holy place and Jeebus will take the high pulpit and say unto them....
Fine, I'll settle for Jesus' DNA.
Wow, Calling people idiots...Very classy of you.

So tell us almighty Jim...Tell us what you believe in, tell us how man came to be on this earth...What might you believe in?


Please enlighten us almighty Jim!
So tell us almighty Jim...Tell us what you believe in, tell us how man came to be on this earth...What might you believe in?
I'm an old Atheist, have been all my life. I believe in the evolution of species that has led to the presences of our species on the planet. I also never accept ideas that are based on dim witted theories like ancient aliens unless the evidence is incontrovertible.
Those that blindly accept such nonsense without critical thinking are idiots.
I do kind of like the Almighty Jim part, however.




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