How about creating a forum for anything NOT about religion, atheism or the paranormal?  

 It could be post-moderated by transferring discussions that involve those subjects to other forums.

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You mean like science, or mathematics, or even alpine skiing? (There are other fora on other Websites for those, but if there were such interest here I would not be opposed to the idea.)

I would point out that, not being the owner, moderator, or even hidden venture capitalist behind Atheist Nexus is the point of this Website seems to be atheism. I come here for discussion of atheist issues. For other issues I go to other places.

On a tongue-in-cheek note, they could start a form called not-about-religion. That might be in the same vein as not-about-coin-collecting, or not-about-monster-trucks.

I like this place as a community.  There are lots of interesting, smart and nice people here.  But the discussions that aren't about atheist issues are buried in the rest.  

Those people do not include me, as I am neither interesting, smart, nor nice. I am the uneducated boob out on the High Plains with no education beyond college.

My only concern would be would be the dilution of the point of the forum, but as I said, it is not my forum. There are many fora for all manners of topics, but very few devoted to atheism and our place in society.

You're looking at it as a place to go discuss something specific.  I and many people here see it as a community, and if people here are tired of the usual atheist subjects, it would be nice to have a place to discuss other things.  I like "Beyond Atheism" as a title.

I dunno, another site I frequent has a section called "Drunken Ramblings". That works for me, although I don't think intoxication is a prerequisite to posting.

The title could be Atheism + but post-moderation smells of censorship.


I agree

Actually, I like "Beyond Atheism" better as a title.  Then the forum info would say that religion, atheism and paranormal are off-topic.

For people who are tired of the usual atheist subjects.

Or perhaps "Besides Atheism." Or "Potpourri." I could dig it.

What "Beyond Atheism" is meant to suggest, is if you weren't thinking about the effects of a religious upbringing/culture, or you weren't much affected by them anyway, what would you be thinking about?

Yes, it does tweak people's noses a bit :), but it's not intended to promote some kind of theism as "beyond atheism". 

I wonder if it's possible to have a place at AN where there are links to discussions, blog posts, etc. that aren't on religion, atheism or the paranormal. 

There's an overlap between forums like "Water Cooler" and "Science" and topics that are "Beyond Atheism", so perhaps a place for posting such links would be better than the usual discussion forum.  The "Water Cooler" and "Science" forums actually have a lot of the usual atheist subjects. 

I'm sympathetic to the usual atheist subjects, I have some interest in them, but there are lots and lots of other things to think about. 

The problem is that there are posts here that aren't about the usual atheist subjects, but they aren't collected in any convenient way, so you have to wade through a lot of "the usual" to find them. 

There are lots of people who are nontheists but aren't interested in the usual atheist subjects, and it would make this site more inclusive for them to have some way to collect posts that aren't "the usual".

I thought of a way to do this:  I would make a blog post, it would be entitled "Not the usual".  The action would be in the comments:  people would post short comments with links to content they like, that isn't about religion, atheism or paranormal subjects.  The content could be either on this site or elsewhere online. 

The blog post itself would explain what is wanted in the comments section. 




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