How about creating a forum for anything NOT about religion, atheism or the paranormal?  

 It could be post-moderated by transferring discussions that involve those subjects to other forums.

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I thought of a way to do this:  I would make a blog post titled "Not the Usual".  The action would be in the comments:  people would post comments with links to content on AN that they like, that isn't about religion, atheism or the paranormal.  The text of the comment would be a short description of what is in the link. 

The blog post itself would describe what is wanted. 

Good idea. In my very first post, I alluded to this. My most recent post is an example of a non-controversial, conversational subject. Admittedly, it's not much more than blah, blah, blah!

I created a Not the Usual blog for this, the comments are for links to content on AN that isn't about religion, atheism or the paranormal. 

Only links to content on AN, please.  Two reasons for this:

- If you want to link to something outside AN, please make a post on a group/forum/blog discussing it.  That allows a discussion by the AN community. 

- I don't want to get into content control.  At first, I thought of having links to any outside site in the comment section, but I realized that could be misused for ads, promoting one's ebook, links to hate sites, etc..  I'm responsible for the content of my own blog.

There's one comment on the "Not the Usual" blog which does point to an outside site, it's about the Lawrence Krauss book "The Universe from Nothing".  I haven't deleted it because it's a good suggestion, the book is primarily about physics not atheism, and I didn't find discussion of this book on AN.  (There's a "Universe from Nothing" video lecture though). 

So feel free to post comments to the "Not the Usual" blog with links, as described in the Not the Usual post.  I've been doing this somewhat, but I don't have the time (or inclination!) to create a filtered version of everything that appears on AN. 

It could become an interesting place for nonbelievers who want sometimes to get away from the specifically atheist-oriented talk. 

I don't think a forum is quite right for this purpose, because "not about religion, atheism or the paranormal" is too variegated.  A bunch of links is better, it can introduce people to groups on AN like ORIGINS: UNIVERSE, LIFE, HUMANKIND, AND DARWIN which have a lot of not-specifically-atheist discussion, like talk about the Mars rover :)

by the way, for people who live outside the U.S., it isn't all Bible belt!  I live in New York State and I've never encountered someone objecting to teaching evolution in school, it seems like a rather exotic BigotedHick comment to me. 


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